20 Best Characters Couple Cosplay Ideas 2020

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20 Best Characters Couple Cosplay Ideas 2020

There are many things to considerate if you are looking to cosplay with your couple, like the hair, weapons, shoes, pants, shirts, everything you need to do to look like your favorite comic or anime characters.

Couple cosplay is one of the most amazing things to do if you are going to a comic or anime convention because everyone will look at you and your partner like the best duo there, but you must be sure that you have the correct cosplay which looks stunning to take all the assistants attention. Let’s take a look at some couple cosplay ideas.

1. Superman and Supergirl:

A Couple of Cuckoos Sachi Umino Cosplay Shoes

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They are one of the most representative couples on history; this DC comic favorite is among the most relevant until this day. This cosplay will make the man look handsome and the girl very powerful and feminine. You can combine some accessories to make it unique, or make the S chest logo look identical to show that you are together.

2 Harley Quinn and the Joker:

Harley Quinn and the Joker – couple cosplay

This couple of villains is one of the favorites since suicide squad movie, their craziness has gained the fans around the world to love them. They have a really powerful presence as a couple cosplay because you will look stunning and intimidating, which many people like to see in conventions. Live the crazy love with this couple cosplay.

3. Spiderman and Spider Gwen:

Spiderman and Spider Gwen – couple cosplay

This amazing couple will gain the attention of everyone around you, they are one of the most iconic couples of Marvel. The red costumes will make you look fabulous, they are also pretty tight to the skin so if you are a curved girl or muscular boy you will look amazing, without a doubt an option to consider.

4. Beauty and the Beast:

Beauty and the Beast

This is a classical cosplay to display the beauty of the woman, and your partner will look like a strong and intimidating beast what every man always want in his costume cosplay. This Disney couple will make everyone happy because they will remember their childhood from this beautiful love story between a princess and a charming beast.

5. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow:

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

This couple will always be a favorite from one of the greatest Game of Thrones TV show; Daenerys will look beautiful in a dress with some dragon details and its long platinum wig, while Jon will look like a loyal warrior in his leather cosplay. You can also add a sword or bring a beautiful husky puppy to play as Ghost if you have one.

6. Batman and Catwoman:

Batman and Catwoman

The sexiest couple between a bat and a cat, this cosplay is for people looking for attention because you will absolutely get it, the sensuality from its masks and its costumes that will make you look just like the movie, you can add some weapons to make it even better, this DC characters will never disappoint to affect the audience.

7. Judy and Nick from Zootopia:

Judy and Nick from Zootopia

They are the cutest couple from Disney’s Zootopia, yes girls it is time to shake your bunny ears and get a fluffy costume to combine with an orange fox costume for your boyfriend, this is one of the most loveable cosplays because you will look cute and delicate, every child and Disney fan will want a picture with you.

8. Kirito and Asuna:

Kirito and Asuna – couples cosplay

They are the best couple in Sword art online, the contrast between Kirito black costume and Asuna white costume will make you out stand, prove you craftsmanship and try to make their amazing swords or buy one on a cosplay store to pose in the convention and get all the attention with your couple, you will look marvelous.

9. Green Arrow and Black Canary:

Green Arrow and Black Canary

This is a couple cosplay for those who are risky, fearless, and intense. These DC comic heroes will get all the attention in those green and black amazing costumes. The bow and the arrows are a very important thing to take in consideration with this cosplay to make it look real.

10. Rogue and Gambit:

Rogue and Gambit

The X-Men favorite couple is one of the greatest cosplay couple idea because you will look amazing as these marvel heroes. Try to find the perfect Rogue wig and its beautiful costume to be a perfect cosplay girl, Gambit’s coat in khaki is everything and his glasses are very important too. Remember that it controls his power!

11. Black Panther and Storm:

Black Panther and Storm

They are a beautiful match, which take by surprise the marvels fans back in 2006 when they got married, this cosplay couple will bring a shocking moment to the convention, match an amazing white wig with a very tight costume and look for the best Black Panther costume to make the most fabulous couple there.

12. Captain America and Black Widow:

Captain America and Black Widow – couple cosplay

These Marvel’s favorite characters will be the center of attention, Black widow is a provocative and sexy cosplay, cosplay girl will look divine with that tight black costume and red wig if you are not ginger and the boy will look as every girl dream, strong and brilliant as only Captain America shines with his shield.

13. Thor and Wonder Woman:

Thor and Wonder Woman – couple cosplay

A match for the lovers of Both DC and Marvel comics. This is an explosive couple of gods, which will be there to stay in the business. Cosplay girls love to dress as this feminist character who will use her lace of truth to beat the villains, while Thor is a Male cosplay favorite because of its lighting powers and hammer.

14. Yennefer and Geralt of Rivia:

Yennefer and Geralt of Rivia – couple cosplay

This couple from the witcher video games are one of the most popular nowadays since its series on Netflix, the girl will look amazing in a beautiful dress from the ages and violet contact lenses while boy as Geralt will look brave in that costume, add the white wig and amazing sword and get ready for the event.

15. Deku and Uraraka:

Deku and Uraraka – couple cosplay

One of the most Kawaii couples from my hero academia anime, you will love to cosplay as them, and they are some cute and innocent, get your goggles on and match as these heroes. Their costumes colors in green for Deku and green with pink for Uraraka make an amazing combination.

16. Naruto and Hinata:

Naruto and Hinata – couples cosplay

The ultimate favorite anime couple cosplay, they are one of the most relevant in all the anime’s world. Look like a real Ninja with these heroes’ costumes. You can learn a choreography with kunais, shurikens, and a lot of action. You will look stunning as the strongest couple from the leaf-hidden village Ninja.

17. Raphtalia and Katana hero:

Raphtalia and Katana hero – couple cosplay

From the rising of the shield hero, this couple is to die for, for some people Raphtalia is a waifu because of her cuteness, the cosplay girl will look extremely kawaii with the raccoon ears and a long orange wig to match with her amazing couple the Katana hero who likes her so much.

18. Princess Peach and Super Mario:

Princess Peach and Super Mario

A forever favorite from Nintendo’s game franchise this couple is the one for the Mario games lovers, you will look cute as our favorite plumber with his traditional red hat in company of his beautiful princess peach with an amazing pink gown and blonde hair or the girl can opt for a wig.

19. Starfire and Robin:

Starfire and Robin – couples cosplay idea

This couple from DC’s teen titans is a superb choice for a teen couple, what is better than an alien and batman’s best friend to put on a costume, they look visually impactful because of the contrast in their costumes, light purple for her and red and green for him, learn some moves and you are ready to go.

20. Deadpool and Lady Deadpool:

Deadpool and Lady Deadpool – couple cosplay idea

An irreverent couple which combines two vibes the cute one and the badass one.

These Marvel’s superheroes are there for the couples who want to look sexy on a red suit, you can always make some jokes and combine your costumes with some utility guns to look more intimidating.

Couples cosplay Advice and tips:

As you can see, there are many options to cosplay with a couple like a friend or your life partner.

You can always make this costumes more unique adding some other objects that will make them even cooler; you can try with some weapons as shurikens, swords, guns or every other objects related to the universe of the character.

There are many things, which you can do by yourself when it comes to cosplay, you would like to challenge yourself to make your own version of the costume to look even more original.

If you are not into the do it yourself world, you can always opt to buy the things that you need to play as the character of your preference there are plenty options and stores to buy as cosplay is getting even more popular.

As you can see the couple cosplay options are endless, you can choose your favorite TV show.

anime or comic and impersonate your favorite characters to go to a convention or event, and what is better to go with some friends to make it even better, we hope you like our selection!

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