Lois Lane Costume Guide

DC Comics Bombshells Lois Lane Cosplay Costume

Lois Lane Costume Guide

Lois Lane: DIY Cosplay

Lois Lane is an award-winning reporter and Superman’s love interest. She was one of the pioneering female characters in comic book culture and continues to appear in movies, television and books, including ‘Man of Steel’ (played by Amy Adams) where she explores Northern Canada to uncover a mystery kept hidden by the military. Lois is intelligent, beautiful and has a keen eye for details, making her an intriguing and unique character to dress up as.

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Lois Lane Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Lois Lane


Lois has been featured with a wide variety of hairstyles and colors throughout her long history in the comics and film. In ‘Man of Steel’, she has light sandy brown hair held back in a slightly messy ponytail with bangs on both sides of her forehead.

To get a similar look yourself, you can either style and dye your natural hair or wear a light brown wig, which you can find in online costume shops and Halloween stores.

Purchase a hair scrunchie or elastic while you’re at it to tie your hair back just like Lois’s.


Lois often wears a simple pale peach lipstick. This is an easy look to recreate. All you need is a tube of lipstick which you can purchase from cosmetics counters and online retail websites.


Lois often wears professional journalist attire, including her long-sleeved white blouse, black sleeveless vest and black dress pants. Sometimes she’ll also wear a black skirt and pantyhose instead.

You can purchase these items from any formal-wear clothing shop, mall or retail website. When shopping, search for well-fitted or tailored clothes to match the formal style.


Lois wears small diamond-shaped earrings sometimes. You can either have your own ears pierced, or you can buy some diamond-shaped clip-on earrings instead.

To give your costume a more journalistic look, you’ll need Lois’s clipboard where she jots notes and also her name tag.

Her name tag is a white card which also bears her reporter status and grants her access to certain areas when investigating stories, hanging around her neck on a black string.

You can purchase clipboards, name tag holders and paper from any retail website or office supply store.

For an extra touch of authenticity, jot down some notes by hand on your clipboard so it looks used and more realistic.

For Lois’s reporter access card, you can either search online for a replica card or print out your own homemade card.

Get your friends to dress up as other ‘Man of Steel’ characters like Clark Kent, Lor-Em and General Zod so you can show up at your next convention with a whole gang of DC characters at your side!