Misty Costume Guide

Pokemon Pocket Monster Misty Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Pocket Monster Misty Cosplay Costume


Misty Costume: DIY Guide

Misty is the adorable, stubborn and confident tomboy from the iconic anime series Pokemon. Optimistic, but quick to anger, Misty is both lighthearted and hotheaded. Her explosive personality shines through whenever she’s onscreen. Determined to become the world’s greatest Water Pokemon trainer, Misty is not only friend of Ash Ketchum, but a reliable and trustworthy partner for his Pokemon battles. Whether she’s fighting against the evil Team Rocket or hanging out with her friends, Misty’s characteristic outfit always helps her stand out.

Misty’s clothing and style are simple but striking, making it an eye-catching outfit for any cosplay or halloween event. Her vivid orange hair is pulled back into a messy high ponytail. She has cheerful, bright green eyes and a big smile. She wears a sleeveless yellow crop top, short jean shorts, and bright red suspenders. Her red and white sneakers have a yellow lightning bolt running down the side.

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Misty Costume Ideas

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Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Pokemon Misty Goldeen Swimsuit Cosplay Costume

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Pokemon Pocket Monster Misty Cosplay Costume
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How to Dress Like Misty from ‘Pokemon’


Misty’s bright orange hair is part of her signature look. Her bedhead ponytail may look just a little bit sloppy, but it’s what helps her fiery tomboy attitude stand out. Not to mention, her ponytail is asymmetrical, and it sticks out on the left side of her head, not in the back. Her bangs are long, but aren’t long enough to fall in front of her eyes. Her ponytail elastic is a dark blue color, which stands out in stark contrast against her bright orange hair.


Misty is pretty much a tomboy, so she doesn’t spend her time applying mascara or lipstick. She is fresh-faced and young, so it’s probably best to settle on minimal makeup.


Misty is a straightforward, classic kind of gal with a fashion sense to match. Her yellow crop top is plain without any designs, which makes her candy-apple red suspenders stand out against it. She wears regular, worn-out blue jean shorts with a rolled up hem and a gold button. Her red suspenders have gold fasteners to match. Misty’s style might be casual, but the use of eye-catching primary colors makes her the center of attention whenever she’s around.


Misty’s over sized sneakers are firetruck-red and white, decorated with a bright yellow zig-zag that matches her yellow crop-top. The red on her shoes matches her suspenders. Misty’s shoes look like generic Converse with just a touch of extra flair. This footwear is great for running, and it doesn’t matter if her shoes get dirty or wet, which is ideal since she’s often out training Water Pokemon!


Misty doesn’t wear any jewelry or other accessories, but she does usually have something with her. You’ll never find Misty wandering around without a trusty Pokemon! She’s often seen holding a Pokeball or a Water Pokemon with her. The Pokemon Togepi is one of favorites, but she’s also seen with Staryu, Psyduck, Gyarados, Goldeen, and more!

About Misty


Ash, put that slimy thing back in the Poké Ball! Bugs are one of the three most disgusting things in the world!

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