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Mojo Jojo Costume Guide

Mojo Jojo DIY Costume Guide for cosplay and Halloween
Learn how to dress like Mojo Jojo for cosplay and Halloween

Sugar, spice, and everything nice… these were the ingredients that created the Powerpuff Girls and the arch enemies of Mojo Jojo, the big-brained, evil, monkey-villain. Mojo Jojo spends most of his time hatching plans to take over the world, but every time he actually tries to do it, the Powerpuff Girls get in his way. With his purple cape and brain helmet, Mojo Jojo is an unforgettable cartoon villain that you can’t help but really like. 

Mojo Jojo is a monkey that had science experiments done to him, hence the ridiculously large brain and brain encasement, pink eyes, and green skin. He is a super villain, so he wears a purple cape and he also wears matching white boots and gloves. 

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Chimpanzee Mask
  • Purple and White Striped Beanie Hat
  • Purple Cape
  • Short Blue Dress 
  • White Belt
  • White Gloves
  • White Boots

Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Mojo Jojo from Power Puff Girls


Purchase a gorilla suit or just a chimpanzee mask and wear a black long-sleeved shirt for the arms. On the chimp mask, paint the skin green using green facepaint. 


Wear the purple and white striped beanie (which can be purchased online) on top of the chimp mask. If you would rather, you can also try constructing your own brain encasement by using a cereal box and placing it on your head (making the sides of the helmet) and then creating a top for it and painting it like Mojo-Jojo’s, which would give you definite height like his.

How to Make Mojo Jojo’s Hat Tutorial:


Find a short blue sleeveless dress and wear it over the gorilla suit or the black long-sleeved shirt. Wear a white belt around the waist and make a purple triangle to hot glue or attach to the center of the belt. Purchase a purple cape online or buy a long piece of purple fabric and sew or tie it to the shoulders of your outfit. 


Mojo Jojo wears white gloves that can be purchased at a costume store or they might have white dishwashing gloves at a local store. 


Find a pair of long white boots, or find a pair from a thrift store and paint them white.