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Life is Strange Max Caulfield Yellow Brown Cosplay Wig

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In the video game ‘Life is Strange’, Max Caulfield is a geeky aspiring photographer in the mid-1990’s, a good friend of Chloe Price and a main protagonist to the story.

Max is a bit of an introvert who prefers to be wrapped up in her hobbies, but she’ll do anything to help a friend – including rewinding time! Yup, she discovers she has this special ability after saving Chloe’s life from what may have been a terrible outcome. If you’re a fan of ‘Life is Strange’, why not show it off with your next costume?

Read our guide below to make your own DIY Max Caulfield costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Max Caulfield Costume Ideas

Life is Strange Max Caulfield Yellow Brown Cosplay Wig

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Life Is Strange Maxine Caulfield Cosplay Costume - Only Underwear, Coat

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How to Dress Like Max Caulfield from ‘Life is Strange’


Max has basic caramel-brown hair in a stylish 1990’s shoulder-length cut, complete with bangs above her eyes and a plain headband holding it back. You can get your hair cut and dyed to look this way, or purchase a brown wig and cut it to look like Max’s hair. Don’t forget a headband! A black plastic one will do. Shop online through Halloween websites or party stores so you can get all the hair supplies you’ll need.


Max isn’t too choosy when it comes to makeup. She wears simple black eyeliner, black mascara and pale lipstick. Check a cosmetics store to find the best makeup combo for your costume. For something extra, get some pale foundation for your face to nail down Max’s pallid complexion.


Max’s wardrobe is always stylish but basic. She wears blue jeans most of the time, black-and-white shoes and a gray hoodie. She also adores graphic t-shirts, her favorite one being a shirt with a picture of a doe on it and the word “Jane” beside it: “Jane Doe”, a humorous reference to the term police officers use to refer to an unidentified woman.

You can shop online or at your local mall for these items. For a specific Jane Doe t-shirt, look up “max caulfield doe shirt” online and visit various clothing websites for your favorite. Don’t forget to order ahead of time so it will arrive before your costume event!


To complete the Max Caulfield costume you will need to add her beloved Polaroid camera and her brown satchel bag. You can order both these things online.

Look for the famous type of Polaroid camera that’s white plastic (and don’t forget to pick up some film so you can take instant shots of you and your friends at your cosplay convention!)

For Max’s brown satchel, check out luggage stores, army surplus stores or online wholesale websites to find a good one.

If you can’t afford a Polaroid camera, you can improvise. Look for a free or cheap cell phone app that takes photos with a Polaroid or super 8 vintage film filter so you can still take photos just like Max.

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