Uncle Rico Costume Guide

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Grab a ribeye and get ready to brush up on your old pigskin flingin’ skills with our DIY Uncle Rico costume guide.

Rico “Uncle Rico” Dynamite is the lame and somewhat creepy ex-football player uncle of Napoleon and Kip Dynamite. After a failed sports career at a young age, Uncle Rico spends most of his time in his ugly orange Santana, filming himself throwing footballs as if he’s still the big stud he once was.

While Uncle Rico means well, his get-rich-quick schemes and increasingly bizarre, embarrassing behavior only frustrates Napoleon, especially after it causes him trouble with Deb, Napoleon’s socially awkward love interest.

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Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite


Uncle Rico has fake-looking sandy brown hair in a short, shaggy 1970’s style atop his head.

Sometimes during his wannabe football star videos, he wears a white sports sweatband around his forehead beneath his hair to push it out of his eyes.

To nail down this look for your own costume, you can either dye your own hair brown and style it with a comb or hairbrush, or you can use a brown cosplay wig.


Uncle Rico has bushy brown eyebrows and a small brown mustache matching his hair.

You can draw these features onto your face using a dark eyebrow pencil, or for an extra challenge you can try growing out your own.


The attire Uncle Rico wears reflects the tackiest washed-up trends of the 1970’s (much like his hairstyle), complete with pastel blue cardigan vests, a buttoned-down brown dress shirt with a wide collar and pastel-colored pants with distinctive sewn creases, further suggesting that this poor guy can’t let go of his glory days in the past.

You can find similar clothing items from retail websites, thrift stores and costume shops.

In some scenes, the character also wears a white t-shirt along with an oversized, unbuttoned blue pastel shirt and blue pastel slacks, which you can also find at these locations.


Uncle Rico is rarely seen not carrying a ratty old football around in his hands along with his videocassette recorder for his bad football home movies.

You can purchase footballs from any retail website or sports store. You can also buy old retro video tape recorders online from some retail websites and second-hand shops, or you can substitute with a modern digital camcorder instead.

Uncle Rico also wears a plastic wristwatch.

The character wears a school ring from his younger years, which you can buy from party supply stores.

Lastly, you’ll need his basic black shoes, which are made of a matte leather-like material. Check out shoe stores and retail websites to see if you can track down a pair of shoes just like the ones that Uncle Rico has.

Costume Ideas

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