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Momo Yaoyorozu Costume Guide

Momo Yaoyorozu DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Momo Yaoyorozu for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

On the anime TV series My Hero Academia, Momo Yaoyorozu is the vice president of her class at U.A. High School, studying to be a pro hero.

Selfless, rational and dedicated, Momo is a natural-born leader and rarely lets this go to her head, instead willingly going out of her way to help others and do well.

Her Quirk is creation, allowing her the ability to make various things at will. Although she dislikes lewd humor and some of her friends’ more “silly” pastimes such as cheerleading, Momo still gets along well with others and is a loyal, caring person.

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Momo Yaoyorozu Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia


Momo has long black hair with a long fringe of bangs over one eye, and she usually ties her hair back into a high, spiky ponytail. To get a similar hairstyle for your costume, you can style and dye your natural hair or wear a black cosplay wig.

Search for wigs on Amazon or costume shops and use a brush or comb to style it into a spiky, scattered look like Momo’s.


Momo has dark cat-like angular eyes and thin, small lips. You can use a dark lip liner for your lips to create a thinner look, and try some black eyeliner in a cat-eye style to give yourself the same catty look as Momo.


Momo’s school uniform includes a gray blazer with gold buttons and turquoise accent stripes, along with a short pleated turquoise skirt and a white buttoned-down dress shirt. She also wears black knee socks with this.

For Momo’s hero costume, you’ll need a sleeveless red leotard with silver stripes. You can find red leotards at most retail websites and athletics shops, or you can buy the full a pre-made Momo Yaoyorozu hero costume outfit mentioned in our guide.


When wearing her school uniform, Momo wears a knotted red necktie, which you can purchase from any retail website or accessories shop. She also wears a pair of basic brown loafers. Look for these at retail websites, or check your local shoe store.

If you’re cosplaying Momo when she dons her hero costume, you’ll need her assortment of gold belts, two of which are utility belts.

Buy a gold belt, or use gold paint and a white-colored belt to customize your own. You’ll also need a pair of red knee-high boots like Momo’s.

The boots have a V-shaped design cut out of the front, so it may be a bit tricky to find a pair exactly like them, but you can use craft supplies to customize a pair of plain red boots, or you can check online to see if any customized cosplay boots are available for the character.