Froppy Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Tsuyu Asui Cosplay Costume

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia Tsuyu Asui Cosplay Costume

Froppy Costume Guide

Tsuyu “Tsu” Asui, also known by her hero name “Froppy”, is a frog-like girl studying to be a pro hero at U.A. High School on the anime series My Hero Academia.

While Tsuyu can appear rather eccentric at times, she’s very responsible, perceptive and kindhearted, and her frog-like appearance comes from her Frog Quirk which enables her to hop long distances and shoot her tongue out the way an amphibian would.

Tsuyu can look very weird at times, but she’s a skilled, dedicated and hardworking student who went through extensive training to get where she wants to be.

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Tsuyu Asui Costume Ideas

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Froppy Makeup Tutorial:

How to Dress Like Tsuyu “Froppy” Asui from My Hero Academia


Tsuyu has long sea-green hair down past her waist, as well as long bangs of hair framing both sides of her face and shorter triangular bangs over her forehead. The character has the bottom of her hair tired up in the shape of a large bow, as well.

Because Tsuyu’s hairstyle is so unique and cannot be done with your natural hair (seriously, trying to tie your real hair into a knotted bow is no easy feat), getting a specific Froppy cosplay wig might be the better and more convenient option.


Tsuyu has pale skin, enormous dark frog-like eyes and a wide, equally frog-like mouth.

You can use pupil-enlarging costume contact lenses for this effect, and for your face, wear a light makeup foundation powder or pale Halloween face makeup. Use a black eyeliner pencil or Halloween face makeup to create a more enlarged-looking mouth.

Tsuyu also has a long pink frog tongue, especially when using her Quirk. Use a long red plastic drinking straw or a fake tongue prop to mimic this feature.


Tsuyu’s uniform for school features a gray blazer with gold buttons and turquoise accent stripes, as well as a short pleated turquoise skirt, black knee-high socks and a white buttoned-down dress shirt.

If you decide to cosplay with the Froppy hero suit, she wears a skintight black and green turtleneck bodysuit with green web-footed frog feet accents and yellow piping stripes.

You can also purchase fake frog webbed feet to wear for costumes at some Halloween stores.


When in her school uniform, Tsuyu wears a knotted red necktie, which you can get at retail websites and accessories shops. She also wears a pair of brown loafers which you can buy at retail websites like Amazon and shoe stores.

If you’re choosing her hero costume, you’ll need a pair of white gloves with oversized green buckles, a pair of round-framed goggles with green lenses (which resemble a frog’s face) and a transparent eye mask with black framing.