Ned Flanders Costume Guide

Ned Flanders Costume

Ned Flanders Costume Guide

Hi diddly ho cosplayrinos, we have a costume guide for you that will have you spreading the Good News and thanking the good Lord above at your next cosplay or Halloween event.

In this guide, we will show you how to put together your very own Ned Flanders costume!

As the antithesis to his neighbor Homer Simpson, Ned Flanders is one of the main characters on The Simpsons. Ned has two sons and he raises them alone as a widower after the death of his wife, Maude Flanders.

With his wholesome Christian family, his ever-cheerful and sunny demeanor and his cozy lifestyle, Homer finds Ned extremely annoying and preachy, and the two often argue, while the overly patient Ned lets Homer get away with petty theft, vandalism and insults. In spite of all of this, Homer does sometimes consider Ned a good friend.

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Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons


Ned has chestnut-brown hair curled back in a simple, basic style. His hair has distinctive brown sideburns, and he also has a matching bushy mustache. You can dye and style your own hair to create a similar look, or you can wear a brown cosplay wig.

For the mustache, purchase a fake stick-on costume mustache, draw one on with a brown makeup pencil or for an extra challenge to your costume, try growing your own.


Ned has a bright yellow complexion like many other characters on The Simpsons. You can recreate this look with yellow Halloween face paint.

He also wears geeky round-framed glasses which you can find a link to in our costume guide.


Ned wears a salmon-colored collared dress shirt under a dark olive green long-sleeved sweater. He also wears gray slacks.

Tuck the dress shirt into your pants and fold the collar down neatly for a more authentic appearance to your costume.

“Stupid Sexy Flanders!”

One of the most popular Ned Flanders moments on The Simpsons, becoming a viral internet meme and YouTube video clip, is from the episode ‘Little Big Mom’, in which Homer sees Ned in a skintight spandex ski suit, dancing around while remarking, “feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!” and causing Homer to bitterly reply, “stupid sexy Flanders!”

For an additional outfit choice, purchase a red-and-blue ski suit to wear. You can find ski suits at retail websites and sports stores.


Ned wears plain black shoes, which you can buy at retail websites and shoe stores.

He is often seen carrying or citing a copy of The Bible for his two young sons, twins Rod and Todd.

You can purchase prop books such as this online from retail websites, bookstores and wholesale websites, or you can substitute it with a copy of ‘Flanders’ Book of Faith’, which is entirely about him and his values.

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