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Jackson 5 Janet Brown Cosplay Wig

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Have you ever wished you had a mysterious alter-ego? Now’s your chance! In the television show Parks and Recreation, Janet Snakehole is the dreary but wacky and fun alternate personality of main character April Ludgate.

Behaving like an aristocratic widow and claiming to have an undisclosed “terrible secret”, Snakehole (or April) helps get herself and Andy a spot at the Snakehole Lounge during a strenuous effort to get free stuff for a day in any way possible.

Both comedic and a little eerie, a Janet Snakehole costume doubles as both an awesome cosplay convention ensemble and a perfectly morbid Halloween costume, too.

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Janet Snakehole Costume Ideas

Jackson 5 Janet Brown Cosplay Wig

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Marvel Comics Wasp Janet van Dyne Cosplay Costume

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The Good Place Disco Janet Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Janet Snakehole from Parks & Rec


Sure, Janet might have a much different personality than April Ludgate, but she’s still got April’s dark auburn shoulder-length hairdo, only she prefers to style it a bit more by keeping it up high behind her head.

Metal bobby pins and hairspray can help a lot in that department, but in the meantime, if you don’t have auburn hair yourself, you can either dye your own hair or search Halloween stores and costume websites for a good wig that suits the Janet’s look.


Janet Snakehole has classic makeup matching April’s, complete with a pale pink lipstick, a lightly applied black eyeliner in a simple style and finely managed eyebrows. You can find all these cosmetic supplies online through retail websites, or locally at drugstores and makeup shops.


As the fully-fledged persona of a gentile grieving widow with a dark past behind her, Janet wears all black clothing, a long vintage-looking black dress in a Victorian style to be exact.

You can find retro black velvet dresses and other similar cuts and styles of Gothic dresses online from most major online retail websites, or check out Halloween stores and thrift shops to get one.

Wear sheer black pantyhose, yoga pants or leggings underneath it, which you can find both online through retail websites and locally in shopping malls and clothing boutiques.


To complete this dark costume, you’ll need a few accessories to get a genuine-looking Janet Snakehole style.

First and most importantly, you’ll need a sparkly netted retro funeral veil attached to a black glittery round hat. You can order these online or browse your favorite Halloween store or thrift shop to see what you can dig up.

You’ll also need a white pearl necklace. You can use a more expensive real pearl necklace if you want, but for more convenience you can also purchase replica plastic pearls as costume jewelry online or from your local Halloween store.

Pick up some black shoes while you’re at it from any local shoe shop or online retail store, and last but not least, purchase a vintage-looking cigarette lighter. You can find these online, from thrift shops and antique stores, or you can use an old one from your house if you’ve got one packed away somewhere.

Costume Ideas

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