Princess Bubblegum Costume Guide

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Cosplay Costume

Princess Bubblegum Costume Guide

If you’re a huge fan of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, you probably already know that Princess Bubblegum isn’t your average royalty. Unlike most princesses in the media, Bubblegum is a science whiz, a clever inventor and she’s not afraid to fight her own battles (although her loyal friends are always willing to stick by her side either way!).

As her name implies, from head to toe she’s bubblegum-pink and always dressed elegantly, making her one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Read the guide below to make your own DIY Princess Bubblegum costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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How to Dress Like Princess Bubblegum


Princess Bubblegum’s hair is long enough to rival Rapunzel’s! Stick-straight and bright pink in color with flat bangs above her eyes and wavy ends, this is without a doubt one of her most striking features. You can get your own Princess Bubblegum hairstyle by either dying and styling your own hair with pink temporary coloring and hair extensions, or you can purchase a long-haired pink wig.

Look for a wig with bangs, and try to find one that’s straight for the most part with just a few simple waves or curls along the bottom.


Princess Bubblegum has pale pink rosy skin, lighter than her hair but still pink all the same. You can use a light pink makeup or body paint to get this look for yourself.


Princess Bubblegum wears a long bright magenta dress which extends down to her feet. It has a slightly puffy skirt and puffy short sleeves. She has a dark purple neck collar and purple ribbon on the dress, as well.

You can purchase a similar dress online or at a retail store. If you are feeling crafty, use any fabric and thread of your choice and sew one from scratch if you prefer.

If you can find a pink dress but it has no purple accents, purchase a spool of thick purple ribbon to use alongside the dress. Most online retail websites and craft stores carry this item.


To add the finishing touch to your Princess Bubblegum costume, you’ll need the right crown. Bubblegum’s crown is very simple – it’s gold, circles all the way around her head and it has only one tall point with a bright turquoise jewel in the center.

You can shop for crowns online through retail websites or costume websites, or you can make your own crown using craft foam, construction paper, recycled metal or any other material of your choice. You can also purchase a round turquoise plastic jewel from most online craft websites or local supply shops.

About Princess Bubblegum


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