Talia Al Ghul Costume Guide

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Talia Al Ghul Costume Guide

Talia al Ghul Costume: DIY Guide

In the DC Comics universe, Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, is a both lover and adversary to Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. As a criminal with highly skilled training, Talia isn’t always a bad person but she’s done bad things and there’s no question that she keeps bad company.

Appearing in multiple comic books and TV shows, one of Talia’s most memorable film appearances was in Batman: Under the Red Hood where she makes a brief show-stealing scene trying to shoot a resurrected Jason Todd. An enigmatic, striking figure even at her worst, a Talia al Ghul costume is the perfect way to make an entrance at any cosplay convention or Halloween event.

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Talia al Ghul Costume Ideas

Lolirock Talia princess of xeris Cosplay Shoes

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How to Dress Like Talia al Ghul


In Batman: Under the Red Hood, Talia has long jet-black hair with parted bangs. You can dye your own hair black or purchase a black wig. Visit online websites to find a long wig, or browse around your favorite Halloween and party stores.


Talia’s outfit is very simple, consisting of a basic black jumpsuit with long sleeves. You can purchase a jumpsuit online or use a pair of black yoga pants and black zip-up spandex shirt as a substitute. Her suit has a zipper with a round silver ring pull. You can purchase a large key ring and attach it to any zipper to complete your costume. Check around online to see what you can find.


To complete Talia’s look, you’ll need a few accenting features to your outfit, including a black holster and gun belt, a gun and a pair of black leather gloves. If you are using a plastic gun prop, be sure to check the event rules to see whether you are permitted to bring items that resemble weapons.

Bright Eyes:

One thing that makes Talia really stand out is her bright green eyes which resemble the eyes of a cat. If you don’t already have green eyes but want to add an extra touch of authenticity to your costume, purchase a pair of non-prescription colored contact lenses in green. Before using them, read the safety precautions and try them out at home.


Talia is often seen either wearing black boots or simple black shoes. You can use a basic pair of black flats, stilettos or work boots. Check online to see what styles are available and pick the ones you like the best. Remember to order a few weeks ahead of time so your supplies will ship to you before your costume event!

If you’re a fan of the DC comics, this costume is an excellent choice. Get your friends and family to dress up as other characters like Batman, Catwoman and the Joker and attend your next convention, party or trick-or-treat splurge together!

About Talia al Ghul


Father has only truly respected one other man. The detective. The one known as the Batman.

Talia al Ghul in Action

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