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Disney The Incredibles 2 Voyd Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

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In Incredibles 2, Voyd (also known as Karen Fields) is a young wannabe superhero with secret powers that can warp the limits of physics! A huge fan of Elastigirl, Voyd just wants to be herself and is tired of feeling ashamed of her own abilities. A woman with a fun-loving and excited personality, she’s a welcome and valued companion for the other supers.

If you love The Incredibles and Disney culture, step into the void as Voyd for your next cosplay or Halloween event.

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Voyd Costume Ideas

Disney The Incredibles 2 Voyd Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Voyd from The Incredibles 2


Very similar to earlier Incredibles character Mirage, Voyd has long, voluminous and straight white hair, but hers differs in that it has a light bluish tint and is brushed over to one side of her head.

You can get a similar style for your costume by either dying your own hair and styling it with a straightener, or by wearing a light blue cosplay wig.

Use a hairbrush to pull your hair back to one side of your head just like Voyd’s.


Voyd has a tanned complexion, bright turquoise eyes, a darker turquoise face mask and fuchsia lipstick. Use some cosmetic face bronzer powder, dark pink lipstick and colored contact lenses to create this look for yourself.

We have provided a link to a Voyd-like mask above. You can also use turquoise Halloween face paint to paint a mask around your eyes instead.

Body Suit:

Voyd wears a sleek latex leotard consisting of a light blue body piece, a lime green shoulder piece and a logo on the front which features a large indigo letter V with a bright lime green oval shape as a base.

Buy a pre-made Voyd leotard, or you can use a plain blue and green leotard and use fabric paint to add the logo.


To match her turquoise mask, Voyd has metallic turquoise gloves, turquoise pantyhose and turquoise boots with a wide top opening and smaller pointed toes.

For the boots, search shoe stores and retail websites for a pair in a similar color, or use paint to customize a pair of boots for your costume.


Voyd’s greatest idol is Elastigirl, who appears in the first and second Incredibles films. Voyd looks up to this older classic heroine for inspiration, and throughout The Incredibles 2 they become very close friends.

Get a friend to dress up as Elastigirl so you can both go to your upcoming cosplay convention or Halloween party as a team!

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