Waluigi Costume Guide

Waluigi Flex Fit Cap

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Waluigi Costume Guide

In the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, Waluigi is the mischievous brother of Wario and the arch enemy of Luigi. He is a bit of a cheat and extremely manipulative.

Waluigi’s iconic outfit is like a bizarro version of Luigi’s signature plumber outfit, but purple instead of green. And of course, Waluigi wouldn’t be Waluigi without his trademark devious mustache!

See below to learn how to make your own Waluigi costume for cosplay or halloween.

Waluigi Costume Ideas

Waluigi Flex Fit Cap

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How to Dress Like Waluigi

Mustache and Facial Features:

You will need a few key items if you want to go all in with the Waluigi look. To start, you will need a large stick-on nose. That menacing grin needs something to fall under and you can pick this up on an online shop or pretty much any costume shop. You will also need large pointy ears to replicate his facial features.

If you feel like being crafty, you can create these extra parts using latex and some skin-tone face paint. If done right your costume will look a lot more authentic this way. And of course, don’t forget Waluigi’s black mustache! You should be able to find a fake mustache that fits this style at most costume outlets.


Waluigi wears a purple mock turtleneck sweater. You should be able to find a similar long sleeve shirt at most apparel shops. Since his turtleneck is form-fitting so if you have an old jumper that’s getting a bit too small, don’t be afraid to get some purple dye and give it new life as part of a Waluigi cosplay!


Like his brother and rivals, Waluigi’s distinctive look includes a pair of plumber’s overalls. Pick one up online or at an apparel shop and make sure to dye it the appropriate tone of purple if needed. For the extra Waluigi touch, you’ll need two large buttons to go on either side of the clasps, these should be yellow/gold, but any color button can always be painted to match.


Waluigi wears a pair of orange boots with a pointy toe. Strangely enough, Elf boots work wonders with this costume! You can even play around with gold ones if you really want to spice up your costume, especially if you’ve gone with golden buttons. If you fancy making these from scratch, some shoe covers over some Chelsea-style boots can also work well.


To complete the look you’re going to need a white pair of gloves, any gloves will do but Mickey Mouse style gloves work particularly well, and these are something you can probably use again at a later date.


Your costume won’t truly be complete without Waluigi’s hat. For this part of the costume you’ll need a purple golf style cap. If you can’t find the right color, you can always use purple dye.

Once you’ve got the purple hat in place, you’ll need some felt or scrap fabric in white and yellow/gold colors to match your buttons and shoes. Cut a white circle from the piece and a yellow ‘L’ shape. Place the L upside down in the centre of the circle and sow or glue it on.

About Waluigi


If you want the Mischief Star back, you must name me the Superstar!

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