Tanooki Suit Mario Costume Guide

Adult Deluxe Mario Raccoon Costume

Adult Deluxe Mario Raccoon Costume

Tanooki Suit Mario Costume Guide

Tanooki Raccoon Mario: DIY Cosplay

Power up to this crazy cute raccoon suit, Mario! Tanooki Mario first emerged in Super Mario Bros. 3. His powers are similar to Raccoon Mario’s. He glides! He tail whips! He can fly! And with the Tanooki suit, he can take the form of a statue and become invulnerable. Tanooki Mario is one of the most sought-after power ups and you’ll definitely be the talk of the your next costume party or convention. 

Unlike Raccoon Mario, Tanooki Mario is full-critter. No plumber’s uniform for him! So you can get  creative with this one. 

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Tanooki Suit Mario Costume Ideas


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How to Dress Like Mario in a Tanooki Raccoon Suit

Tanooki Suit:

To pull off this costume you’re going to want to look as much like a man wearing a raccoon suit as you possibly can. A brown hoodie with little raccoon ears is a great way to replicate the look. You could also find a brown hoodie and build felt ears to attach. If you decide to go full DIY, you’ll also need to get a lighter brown or beige piece of fabric or felt to cut in a circle and attach to the hoodie to make Tanooki’s tummy. 

Of course you’ll also need a tail! You can shop around online or in costume shops. You could also build it from two different shade of brown, and pillow stuffing to attach to the back of your Tanooki hoodie. 

Brown sweatpants or chinos that match the main color of your hoodie will complete the Tanooki suit. 

Accessories & facial hair: 

Mario just isn’t himself without his signature ‘stache. So if you don’t have one of your own, go ahead and search for a falsie at either costume shops or online. Mario needs his gloves, too. He never leaves the house without ‘em. You can find complete Mario costume kits online that include the gloves, mustache, and hat. (You can save the hat for another costume.) Or just find a pair of white gloves. 

Brown slippers or bear claw slippers will let you completely transform into Tanooki Mario. Brown sneakers will also do. 

Gather up some friends and go as a whole Mario universe gang to the next con! 

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