Winter Soldier Costume Guide

Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier James Buchanan Bucky Barnes Cosplay Costume

Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Cosplay Costume

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, is a former war hero who is brainwashed by the Soviets after a mission gone wrong to become an international political assassin during the Cold War, much to the dismay of his best friend and war buddy Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.

The Winter Soldier’s brainwashing resulted in severe mental instability which the Soviets feared would lead him to turn on them. As a way to control him and avoid this fate, they deactivated him in between missions by keeping him in cryogenic stasis. As a result of this process he hasn’t aged much since the end of WWII.

His stealth look consists mostly of black tactical gear, with the exception of his silver cybernetic prosthetic arm that shoots electrical bolts as well as deactivates nearby electronics. He wears a mask covering the lower part of his face which shields his identity. Black goggles complete his look. But it’s not all empty posturing – he is a world-class athlete, adept at both armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat, and is a skilled marksman.

Read below to learn how to dress like the Winter Soldier for cosplay or halloween.

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Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Winter Soldier James Buchanan Barnes Bucky Barnes Brachial armour Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Avengers 3: Infinity War Winter Soldier James Buchanan Barnes Bucky Barnes Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes


Bucky Barnes has long dark hair which falls past his shoulders. If you don’t already have long hair, you probably won’t have time to grow it to the ideal length. In this case, we recommend using a long haired wig to replicate Bucky’s luscious locks.

Jacket & Tactical Clothing:

The Winter Soldier costume is all about practicality. As an assassin, he favors black tactical gear to stay hidden in the shadows. He wears combat trousers and a leather jacket that mimics Bucky’s earlier costume to keep a bit of his past alive. But there is a sinister twist now. The straps covering The Winter Soldier’s chest give it the look of a straitjacket, probably as a nod to his mental instability.


The Winter Soldier’s outfit is fleshed out with knee pads, gloves and a tactical belt. He tops off his look by using a mask that covers half of his face. This creates a muzzle-like effect, possibly as a nod to his dehumanization by the Soviets. He is known for his muscle-rippling stunts; emulate his fit physique with a one-piece suit with inserted muscle pads.

Cybernetic Arm:

The Winter Soldier has one bionic arm which appears to be chrome and has a red communist star embossed on the shoulder area. You can purchase a Winter Soldier bionic arm prop, or try your hand at making one yourself.
There are a few ways to approach this. For a cost-effective way, use tinfoil and electrical tape. Start by stretching the foil to the length of your forearm and tape it down.

Next, cover the whole forearm with tape so that the tinfoil is almost entirely invisible. Add foil and tape to the upper arm and shoulder but leave space for your elbow so that you will be able to bend your arm! Your arm should be entirely black now from the electrical tape. Finally spray it silver and there you have it, your own makeshift cybernetic arm!

Check out this bionic arm cosplay tutorial:


As an assassin, the Winter Soldier has an array of weapons at his disposal, including: a rifle, two grenade launchers, a back-mounted machine pistol, matched backup-knives, a dagger, and three pistols strapped to his legs. Try your local props store for the full collection.


Bucky wears black combat boots as he navigates the battlefields and takes on his assassination missions throughout the world. You can buy a similar pair of boots online or at local consignment shops.

About Winter Soldier


You’re my mission! YOU ARE MY MISSION!

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