Luke Cage Costume Guide

Buddy Mission BOND Luke Cosplay Costume

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Luke Cage Costume Guide

Luke Cage was a policeman from Georgia convicted of a crime he didn’t even commit. This wrongful arrest left him toughing it out in prison, which is where he met and fell in love with therapist Reva Connors. While serving his time, he was nearly killed but a secret experiment saved his life, leaving him with powerful superhuman abilities. Now living in New York’s Harlem, Luke is a member of the Defenders constantly harassed and under the threat of a shady organization and its henchmen.

If you’re as devoted to justice as Luke, a Luke Cage costume is the perfect choice for any party or cosplay event.

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Luke Cage Costume Ideas

Buddy Mission BOND Luke Cosplay Costume

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Star Wars Luke Skywalker Cosplay Costume

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Street Fighter V Luke Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Luke Cage


Luke Cage is often depicted as bald with a thick mustache and beard on his face.

You can either shave your own head bald, or you can wear a rubber bald cap. Check online costume websites and Halloween stores for a good one. For the facial hair, you can either grow your own or use a dark makeup pencil to draw it on.


In the Luke Cage Netflix series, Luke is depicted as having large muscular arms. With his superhuman strength and skin as hard as solid plate glass, it’s definitely fitting! This is more of an optional choice.

You can purchase fake arm muscles from costume shops online, or for an extra challenge you can try to get the same look naturally.


Luke wears a variety of outfits. Two of his most popular are his ripped bright yellow long-sleeved shirt, as well as his plain brown t-shirt and black jeans. Luke prefers to dress simply and blend in.

You can purchase these clothing supplies online from retail websites, or locally from shopping malls and thrift stores.


Luke often wears basic shoes like loafers and athletic sneakers. You can purchase these from any local shoe shop or online retail websites. In many depictions of his character, one of the weapons he uses is a long steel chain, which he wraps around his fist to get the baddies off his back.

You can purchase a real length of chain from hardware stores, or you can get a plastic chain from a halloween store. The real chain from a hardware store will be heavier, so consider how long your upcoming event will be while you’re shopping for it.

Practice posing with the chain just like Luke Cage does in photos and video clips, and get your friends to dress up as other characters from the Marvel Universe so you can bring your superpowers together at your next Halloween party or convention and save the day from evil!

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