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Disney The Emperor's New Groove Yzma Cosplay Costume

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In Disney’s ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ and its spin-off cartoon series ‘The Emperor’s New School’, Yzma is known as the ugly villainess. Malicious, eccentric and power-mad, Yzma is a true corrupt lady in every sense of the word.

She appears decrepit, elderly and weird, but she also has a talent for science and sorcery and is rarely seen without her signature purple attire making her a unique personality in the Disney universe.

Known for her erratic catchphrases and maniacal laughter, she’s also a fun character to dress up as. Are you ready to go evil at your next cosplay event or Halloween party? Plan your own Yzma costume and be the life of any gathering!

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Yzma Costume Ideas

Disney The Emperor's New Groove Yzma Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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Yzma Makeup Tutorial:

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How to Dress Like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove


Yzma has lavender purple hair in a large curl atop her head, pulled back in a way that makes her face book like a shrunken head. Dye your hair purple or you wear a styled wig to replicate the hairstyle.

Use hairspray to keep up the look. Browse online websites and costume shops or local Halloween stores to find the best supplies for your costume.


A wrinkled woman with bags under her eyes, yellow teeth and thin lips, Yzma won’t be winning beauty pageants any time soon. She also has a light purple complexion. Use your makeup skills to draw on fake wrinkles with an eyebrow pencil, use a thin layer of purple makeup to change your complexion, use darker purple eye shadow and mascara and cover your lips in light purple to match your skin, thinning out your lips.

Practice an evil grin in the mirror to get down that scary style! You can shop through online websites to find a pair of fake yellow teeth, and locate all the makeup you need online too at costume shops or at a cosmetics counter at a drugstore. Practice makeup techniques at home a few times before the big event!

As an extra touch, put on some thick black mascara. Make sure to buy the waterproof kind so it won’t come off through the day!


Yzma wears a long sleek dark purple dress with a periwinkle feathered collar. Check online costume websites for a similar-looking elegant dress and use a screenshot of Yzma as your inspiration.

Yzma also has strange bony hips that are very wide. You can use foam padding to get a similar look. Just tape it or staple it to the inside of your dress before you get ready.


To complete your Yzma costume, you’ll need purple sandals with a small heel, long pointy fake nails, red nail polish and enormous circular blue earrings. You can find all these things online.

Check websites for clip-on plastic costume jewelry, browse around on makeup websites for stick-on nails and clip them into points, pick up some dark red nail polish at your favorite cosmetics store and check various shoe shops or websites for the best sandals to match your costume. You’ll be sure to steal the show at any party or event you go to!

About Yzma


“All right. A quick cup of coffee. Then take him out and finish the job!

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