Wendy Darling Costume Guide

Peter Pan Wendy Darling Cosplay Costume

Wendy Darling Costume Guide

In the Disney animated classic Peter Pan, Wendy Darling is a young girl who is told stories about Peter Pan and his adventures in Never-Never Land from her brother. To Wendy’s father, Pan’s imaginative legends are nothing more than infantile whimsy and silliness, but when Peter Pan actually shows up to escort the Darling children to his magical world, Wendy doesn’t know what to think next! If you want to show off your love for imagination and creativity at your next cosplay convention or party, a Wendy Darling costume is wonderful option!

Read the guide below to make your own DIY Wendy Darling costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Wendy Darling Costume Ideas

Peter Pan Wendy Darling Brown Cosplay Wig - Wig + Headwear

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How to Dress Like Wendy Darling


Wendy has ringlets of auburn hair and short bangs in an Edwardian Era style. She also sports a bright blue bow in the back for an extra touch of class.

To get a similar look yourself, you can either dye and style your own hair using a curling iron or hot rollers, or you can wear a curly wig. Look for one with corkscrew-style curls and browse around online costume websites and Halloween stores for a decent one.

Wear a rubber wig cap underneath to hold down your natural hair, and use hairspray and metal bobby pins to hold everything in place.

For the blue bow hair clip, check out online shops and fashion sites to find a blue bow in a retro vintage style.


As a young child, Wendy doesn’t really wear makeup, but in the film she does have a light peach-colored gloss to her lips. You can find lip gloss either online or from any drugstore cosmetics counter.


Throughout the film, Wendy is often seen wearing her ankle-length blue dress with darker blue accents and short puffy sleeves. The dress matches the bow in her hair in terms of color and fabric to complete her ensemble.

You can either purchase a similar dress online from a retail website, thrift store or Halloween store, or use thread and fabric to sew the dress yourself.


Wendy wears dark blue slippers on her feet and wears a simple Native American red headband with one upright red-and-white feather in the film’s final scene when she gets acquainted with Princess Tiger Lily and her family.

Purchase a pair of blue slippers or use blue ankle socks if you prefer.

For the headband, you can purchase one online from a costume shop or Halloween store, or create your own using household materials and craft supplies such as foam, faux feathers or construction paper.

She Can Fly!?

A scattering of glittery pixie dust from Peter Pan gives Wendy and her brothers the temporary power to fly through the sky. As an extra touch for your costume, purchase some non-toxic rainbow craft glitter in a canister to scatter behind you.

With your Wendy Darling costume complete, find a friend to dress up as Peter Pan so you can both go together!

About Wendy Darling


He has no unhappy thoughts.

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