Admiral Ackbar Costume Guide

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Admiral Ackbar Costume Guide

Whether you’re going to a Star Wars convention or a meme party, going as Admiral Ackbar will have you voted best dressed with pieces you can most likely find in your own closet. Even though Admiral Ackbar has a simple costume, his role in Star Wars has a big impact.

Admiral Ackbar’s has both amphibian and human like traits when it comes to physical appearance. Ackbar has large eyes that bulge out from both sides of his face, salmon colored skin and webbed hands. He wears a rather simple military costume that includes a tunic quarter sleeved top, a vest and brown boots.

This is a great costume for someone who wants a great costume with minimal effort.

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How to Dress Like Admiral Ackbar

Face and Hands:

Although you could use prosthetics, it may be rather complicated or require hours of time and the help from a friend. Let’s leave that to a professional.

To make this costume a simple DIY project, get creative and be on the lookout for a fish costume that comes with a mask and gloves. Even if you can’t find an exact color match, you can always paint the mask and webbed hands a salmon like color just like Admiral Ackbar’s skin.


Luckily Ackbar’s military style uniform is a muted color palette, so you won’t have a problem purchasing items online if you had to.


Ackbar wears an off white, ivory colored tunic top with quarter length sleeves. Since Ackbar does have a rather large head, his tunic collar is stretched out. I would suggest purchasing a top that is made out of jersey or knitted so it’s easily able to stretch out if you had to do so yourself.


Worn over the tunic is an olive green/brown vest that doesn’t have any buttons or closure that can overlap from right to left. I’ve seen similar vests at my local thrift store.

If you’re feeling really crafty or can’t find anything similar in store or online, you can also buy fabric from your local craft store and create a vest of your own. Don’t forget the rank badge!

Ackbar wears his rank badge on the left side of his vest. There are plenty of iron on patches you can find online and apply yourself. If you’re wondering how the vest stays closed without a closure, Ackbar wears dark brown belt with a brushed silver rectangular buckle over his vest.


You’ll need dark brown loosely fitted pants for this outfit. Put those skinny jeans away, you can save those for another costume.


Lastly you’ll need dark brown flat soled boots, preferably high enough to cover your calf. The boots Ackbar wears has a buckle closure at the top of the boot.

If you’re having trouble finding boots like these, you can always DIY these shoes by cutting an old brown belt apart and using scaps of leather (faux or real) and gluing them to the top of the boot. You can poke a hole in the leather and buy a small buckle closure at your local craft store.

Even if you show up to an event in your costume and no one knows who you are, just shout, “IT’S A TRAP!” and you’ll for sure be unrecognizable.

About Admiral Ackbar

Gial Ackbar, also known as Admiral Ackbar, is a well known character in the Star Wars franchise. He made his movie debut in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in 1983. Admiral Ackbar is from the planet Mon Cala and is part of the alien species Mon Calamari.

Before the Galactic Empire invaded Mon Cala, Ackbar was the leader of Coral Depths City, his hometown. Ackbar is leader of the Rebel Alliance and known for being both brilliant and strategic.