Ra’s Al Ghul Costume Guide

DC Comics Green Arrow Nyssa al Ghul Cosplay Costume

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Ra’s Al Ghul Costume Guide

Ra’s al Ghul: DIY Cosplay

In the DC comics universe, Ra’s al Ghul is a member of Batman’s rogues gallery and a very enigmatic and intelligent yet dangerous guy with many tricks up his sleeve. The father of Talia al Ghul, Ra’s is involved in elicit criminal activities and he’s not afraid to push boundaries to get what he wants.

As the leader of the League of Shadows, he’s also not afraid to sacrifice the people of Gotham for the sake of his own nefarious desires, but he has his moments of humanity here and there and can be helpful when he wants to be.

Check out the links below to learn how to dress like Ra’s al Ghul for cosplay or Halloween.

Ra’s al Ghul Costume Ideas

DC Comics Green Arrow Nyssa al Ghul Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

DC Comics Arrow Nyssa al Ghul Cosplay Costume Custom

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

How to Dress Like Ra’s al Ghul


Ra’s has dark brown hair with streaks of gray styled in a classy cut that gives him an air of wealth, prestige and power. You can style and dye your own hair or buy a wig. Check online costume shops or Halloween stores to see if you can track down a good Ra’s al Ghul wig, and use a can of white temporary hairspray to give your hair a light dusting to match the character’s look.

Want to give your costume an added effect? Use pale Halloween makeup foundation to get the same facial complexion that Ra’s has! You can find this online on most retail websites or cosmetics stores.


Ra’s has the type of attire that blends in but also gives him a sophisticated look, letting him skulk around quietly but cunningly. He wears black pants, a longer black wool coat with a belt around the waist and a black shirt underneath. To get these items, visit costume websites, clothing shops, malls or thrift stores to track down the supplies you’ll need. Check out some online stores to price supplies, and use a photo of Ra’s from his film appearances as your source of planning inspiration!


To complete your Ra’s al Ghul costume, you’ll need a few extra bits and pieces: large black leather gloves, knee-high black tactical boots, a long thin sword and a matching black sheath. You can find the gloves and boots at most clothing websites, shoe stores, military surplus stores, Halloween shops and clothing outlets. Make sure to get the right boot size before placing your order!

For the sword, you can either buy one from a Halloween or costume store, or make your own sword and sheath from EVA foam or other crafting materials. Use metallic paint to give it a more authentic touch, and practice your best combat moves from the films and comics before your party or convention.

Get your friends to dress up as other DC characters like Batman, Talia al Ghul, Robin, Catwoman and the Joker so you’ll look like you just stepped right off the silver screen at your big event!

About Ra’s al Ghul


The world is too small for a man like Bruce Wayne to simply disappear. No matter how deep he chooses to sink.

Ra’s al Ghul in Action

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