Agnes Gru Costume Guide

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Game Agnes Digital Cosplay Costume

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Agnes Gru Costume Guide

Agnes Gru is the cute-as-a-button but very stubborn and unicorn-obsessed youngest sister of Gru’s three adopted daughters in the Despicable Me films.

Along with older sisters Margo and Edith, Agnes is taken in by supervillain Gru, who wants to selfishly use the three orphaned girls as a distraction to his nemesis in his dastardly plan. Along the way though, Gru can’t help becoming attached to Agnes and her sisters, making him realize that love is more important to him than winning or getting ahead.

With an Agnes Gru costume for your next convention, you’ll definitely win anybody over with a unique style!

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Costume Ideas

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Game Agnes Digital Cosplay Costume

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Bravely Default Agnès Oblige Cosplay Costume

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Game Agnes Tachyon Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Agnes Gru from Despicable Me


Arguably the most memorable physical trait that Agnes has is her wild black hair. While appearing very typical on the bottom with small wispy bangs at both sides of her head, a red hair scrunchie holds up a stick-straight and crazy ponytail!

This is an easier style to pull off than it looks. You can wear a black wig or dye and style your natural hair. Search costume shops and retail websites for a good wig, and purchase a red hair scrunchie and can of strong-hold hairspray to help support the upright ponytail.

Big Eyes:

Agnes has enormous brown eyes throughout the films she appears in. For an extra detail to your costume, use some eye makeup and video tutorials to create a big-eyed look of your own, or use doll contact lenses to achieve the bigger eye look if you want a bigger challenge for your next convention.


Agnes wears a short-sleeved yellow-striped t-shirt and matching socks under a pair of blue denim coveralls with a red button on the front. You can buy similar clothing items online from retail websites and shopping malls, or use fabric to sew your own. When shopping, look for clothing in bright childish colors just like Agnes likes to wear!

Agnes is also sometimes seen wearing a white ballet tutu with a matching top, which you can find from most retail websites.


Agnes has an extreme love for all things unicorn – at one point in the first film Gru has his minions make her a toy one so she’ll be happy! For an extra touch to your costume, purchase a plush unicorn or any toy horse to carry with you, which you can buy from most shopping malls and retail websites.

Lastly, buy yourself a pair of white Velcro sneakers like Agnes’s – she’s never seen without her oversized shoes! You can buy Velcro sneakers from most shoe stores, retail websites and shopping malls.

Roll down your socks a bit to get a similar look to Agnes’s footwear from the films.

Get your friends to dress up as Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Antonio Perez and the rest of the quirky cast of the Despicable Me films so you can all hit your next cosplay scene together!

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