Lucy Wilde Costume Guide

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Dress like Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde Costume Guide

If you’re a huge Despicable Me fan, you probably can’t forget the flamboyant and cunning but lovable agent Lucy Wilde. As a member of the Anti-Villains League, it was a huge shock to viewers when she fell in love with the super-villain main character of the film franchise and his adorable children.

Lucy is initially the bad girl in the story – or rather, the good girl in a bad role – but she and Gru are able to team up and do better things for the world together, including stopping a criminal thief in his tracks!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Lucy Wilde costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Lucy Wilde Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Lucy Wilde


Lucy wears her bright strawberry blonde hair up in a messy bun atop her head with short bangs at the front. You can either dye your hair and style it yourself, or buy a ginger wig from a Halloween store, party store or online costume shop.

To get the messy bun look, view online video tutorials that will work with both a wig and your natural hair. While you’re at it, purchase some basic metal bobby pins and a hair scrunchie, because you’ll definitely need them!


Lucy Wilde’s clothing consists of a retro-looking pastel turquoise overcoat over a stylish slip dress of the same color. Search online retail stores and costume websites for these items, or hit your local thrift store or mall to track them down. You can also sew your own from scratch using sheets of fabric.


To complete your Lucy costume, you’ll need four things: a pair of sunglasses with turquoise frames, a white and pink polka-dotted scarf, a replica laser gun and silver high heeled sandals.

Look for a silver gun with turquoise accents if possible, and make sure to check the rules of your party or convention beforehand to see what their policy is on bringing items resembling weapons into the building.

You can find a similar fake gun at most stores, or use crafting foam or a 3D printer to make your own. Paint turquoise accents onto the gun with acrylic and allow it to dry if you can’t find one like this.

Search costume websites, thrift stores and online retail stores for the scarf, and when buying the sunglasses, search for a retro pair online just like Lucy’s!

As for the heels, any pair of silver open-toed stilettos will work but if you prefer shoes with less of a height to them, you can improvise with a pair of silver flats or regular sandals. Get ready to fight evil and have fun at your big event!

About Lucy Wilde


Don’t worry about me, Gru! I’ll be fine. I have survived lots worse than this…

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