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Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Ann Takamaki Red Cosplay Shoes

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Ann Takamaki is a playable character in Persona 5. Portrayed as a beautiful and elusive student at Shujin Academy, Ann lives a double life as a Phantom Thief on the side. She’s a compassionate, intelligent and caring girl who loves her friends and always has a kind word for them, and she’s also very talented at what she does.

A lover of video games, sugary food and excessive shopping, Ann is a well-developed character with a whole lot of adorable personality.

If you’re an anime buff and you’re looking for a style to reflect that, an Ann Takamaki costume is a perfect choice!

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Costume Ideas

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Ann Takamaki Red Cosplay Shoes

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Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Ann Takamaki New Cosplay Costume

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Persona 5 Halloween Maid Ann Takamaki Cosplay Costume

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Ann has long, wavy platinum blonde hair with a lot of volume, held back in two pigtails on either side of her head.

You can bleach your own hair to get a similar platinum look, or you can use a blonde cosplay wig.


Ann wears pale pink lipstick, black mascara and has large, bright pastel turquoise eyes.

For an extra detail to your costume, use colored contact lenses to recreate Ann’s distinctive eyes, and pick up a tube of lipstick and plain black mascara from any retail website or drugstore to finish off Ann’s makeup.


Ann wears two distinctive outfits most often.

Her first, a school uniform, consists of a black school jacket with a white crest on it, an oversized white letterman’s hoodie with blue and red accent stripes, a plaid miniskirt which just sticks out under the bottom hem of the hoodie, and bright red leggings.

Ann’s second outfit is what she wears while at work as a Phantom Thief. This consists of a bright red skin-tight latex cat suit, a matching red cat mask, pink gloves, red thigh-high boots and a clip-on cat tail.

Search retail websites and Halloween stores for the components to this costume, or look to see if you can find a pre-made Ann Takamaki cat suit.

You can buy boots separately as well from most retail websites and shoe stores. Look for a bright red shiny vinyl pair like Ann’s for a more authentic look to your costume.


Ann often wears heavy brown boots woven with yellow laces along with her ordinary school uniform.

Purchase a yellow hair clip to pin back some side bangs in your hair like Ann does, and finally, get a pair of small circular earrings to wear under your ears to complete the finishing touches of your costume.

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