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Barb Holland: DIY Cosplay

On the nostalgic Netflix series Stranger Things, Barbara “Barb” Holland is a young teenager living in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. She’s the best friend of fellow character Nancy Wheeler.

In 1983, Barb suddenly disappears, leaving Nancy grieving and obsessed with solving the mystery. Barb might be gone, but she’s never forgotten, and remains an endearing and beloved character in the Stranger Things gang.

Now’s your chance to dive into the eighties yourself and get stranger with a Barb Holland costume for your next convention or Halloween party!

Barb Holland Costume Ideas

The Sea Beast Jacob Holland Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Barb Holland from Stranger Things


Barb has dark auburn red hair in boyish curls on her head. You can get the same look for your costume by dying and styling your own hair or wearing a red-haired wig.

Use scissors to cut and style the wig to look like Barb’s hair. You can purchase wigs from most Halloween stores and online costume websites. Tie your natural hair back and keep it tucked under the wig to hide it.


To really know the Barb look out of the park, you will need to dab on some freckles if you don’t have any already. Check out this tutorial to get it right:


In a true testament to the 80s, Barb wears simple retro clothing such as high-waisted jeans and plaid blouses tucked in. You can hunt down these washed-out vintage items on retail websites or in shopping malls and thrift stores.

You can also wear a white belt similar to Barbara’s to add an extra detail to your appearance.


No Barb Holland costume would be finished without her retro glasses. Big and retro with large metal rims, they’re definitely a type that could have fallen straight out of the era of neon and MTV! You can buy fake glasses online or from a party store.

To add a few extra touches to your costume, buy a school binder similar to the binder Barb carries (hers is purple and has lightning bolts on it).

You can buy binders from any large retail website or office supply shop, and you can use a permanent marker to draw lightning bolts on it if you can’t find one with the same pattern.

Barb also wears a blue and yellow plastic wristwatch. You can buy wristwatches online from accessories shops and retail websites.

Lastly, purchase a pair of basic brown shoes or sneakers to complete your Barb costume. You can get these from any retail website or shoe store.

Missing Person:

Barb disappears during the duration of her time on Stranger Things, creating an eerie mystery to solve. As an extra challenge for your costume, print out a few black-and-white missing persons posters with Barb’s picture on them to carry around with you.

Get your friends to dress up as other Stranger Things characters like Barb’s best friend Nancy Wheeler so you can all head to your next cosplay scene or Halloween party in style!

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