If you are a true fan of all the comic strips, mangas and you don’t miss any comic-con from your country, then you can’t miss these Amazing My Hero academia cosplay costumes that you will surely love and want to take everywhere.

1. My Hero Academia Uniform Costumes:

My Hero academia uniform Cosplay costume is an original and simple cosplay, but it shows originality and authenticity, ideal to use it in easy cosplay girls and boys, or even in any day.

The Boku no Hero uniform cosplay outfit is a suit that includes only flannel and pants. This is combined and aligned with various white bands throughout the suit. The sleeves have detail outlined.


  • American size.
  • The blue king color makes the white stripes giving style.
  • The collar tends to be a bit stiff.
  • High Quality and Good Price

If you are looking for a cosplay costume idea that is simple but doesn’t make you look so unfriendly, you can take advantage of this option and look like an anime character.

2. Deku Cosplay Costume:

The Deku Cosplay costume that can attract quite a lot of attention and exceed the expectations of any fan.

Izuku Midoriya outfit comes with green flannel and pants, a red waist belt with small pockets, a mask, and a pair of black knee pads to cover a little more than your knees.


  • Excellent combination of colors and accessories.
  • Costume for men and women.
  • A wig and black boots make it even more authentic.

If you want a costume that makes you look great in your next convention and also lasts for a long time, you can opt for this My hero academia cosplay costume anime and join the top cosplayers.

3. Shoto Todoroki Costume:

The Shoto Todoroki cosplay costume is one of the most sought after not only by cosplay lovers but also by many high school students.

This Boku no hero academia anime outfit includes a blue combat vest and pants, and some accessories like a belt. The accessories have a combination of silver and red colors.


  • Complement with a wig and silver or red boots.
  • Can use with pants or shorts.
  • The belt and vest give personality.

If you love My hero academia, I think you need this Todoroki costume in your closet available to wear at your secondary parties, this outfit for you.

4. Katsugo Bakugo Cosplay Costumes:

If you are looking for a costume that makes you feel like a powerful hero, you should check this Katsugo Bakugo cosplay costume.

With this costume, you will be a popular anime character since it has several accessories besides the pants and the flannel. This figure has many accessories, which provide more attraction.


  • The gloves have to be filled with foam or cotton.
  • The mask is really impressive.
  • The colors are mixed well.

If you like the Bakugou outfit style, then you won’t be ashamed to wear this clothing to any event or party. Dare to surprise everyone with all the potential this outfit has.

5. Eijiro Kirishima Cosplay Costume:

If you’re looking for Male cosplay ideas and want to look pretty cool, then you need to check out Kirishima cosplay costume.

This costume is really an option for easy cosplay, consists only of black pants, an apron, and dark red shoulder pads. This outfit combines cotton and polyester, within the little it covers.


  • It gives a quite sensual and original style.
  • It has the look of a combat costume.

If you think you have the right body to show off your abdomen and demonstrate how strong you are, then you should look at this My Hero academia cosplay costume and surprise all the girls.

6. Dabi Cosplay Costume:

If you are the kind of person who loves villains characters from Boku no hero academia you can choose this Dabi cosplay costume for your next convention.

Dabi Villain outfit is made of leather, with great details of stitching that make it look really worthy of a villain. The jacket is quite long, has a high neck and silver sleeves.


  • The make-up is the next step to this suit.
  • You can use the white shirt he brings with him every day.

If you have asked how to cosplay and you want to make sure you attract attention when you are in one, you should look for this Dabi costume and become the villain of the party.

7. Shota Aizawa Cosplay Costume:

Now you can become a real Eraserhead and surprise everyone at the next convention, birthday, or any other event.

This Shota Aizawa costume looks like nothing more than simple black pants and a long-sleeved flannel. But the rest of its accessories are what make it unique, like its big gray scarf.


  • Belt pockets to store more items.
  • Pants with front closure for easily use.
  • Cotton allows the suit to be comfortable.

In short, the Shota Aizawa outfit is a suit that has a lot to talk about. With its two unique colors, it seems to prove that you don’t have to be so grotesque to look good.

8. All Might Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume:

One of the best my hero academia cosplay costume you will get you in the top cosplayers is the All Might suit. Colorful, attractive, and muscular, for who wants to feel powerful.

The All Might costume is a complete one-piece outfit that fits your body. It is made of high-quality elastic fabric, so it will surely fit your body very well.


  • Resistant material and adjustment to your body.
  • Zipper on the back allows for a precise fit.

Whether you want to look like this real hero or you want to give a nice gift to that anime-loving partner, then you can count on the All Might Jumpsuit and surprise everyone in the next convention.

9. Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Costumes:

Tomura Shigaraki has a rather unique look, which makes it clear that he is one of the bad guys. To look mean, you should check this costume.

We can see that most of his attire is a big black jacket, but this is not just any jacket but a very original one with pockets, snaps, and even a hood.


  • You can use the jacket to go anywhere.
  • The jacket combine with everything.
  • It can protect you from the sun and rain.

If you were looking for an anime cosplay idea quite simple and inexpensive, you can consider this beautiful jacket that, and with good makeup and a wig, you will look awesome.

10. Overhaul Cosplay Costume:

This is another protagonist of My Hero Academy who seems to be giving us his suit out there, Overhaul costume for a simple cosplay, or for the Comic-Con event.

Kai Chisaki costume is a fairly complete and simple anime outfit. It comes with the Kai jacket which features a hairy purple collar, black shirt, white gloves and tie, and more.


  • Much of the outfit could be used for other occasions besides cosplay.
  • There are sizes to suit all sizes.

If you couldn’t find anything or all the costumes you thought of were already taken, you can buy now the Kai Chisaki or Overhaul costume for your next event.

11. All Might Cosplay Costume:

All Might continue to surprise us in all its versions, and this time it makes it a suit that includes a great cape, worthy of a superhero.

This All Might costume comes with its other characteristic colors, including a large cape that fits most of the back of the body. The belt really gives it a unique and attractive detail.


  • The cape combines two colors that match the rest of the suit.
  • The gloves and belt make the costume more attractive.

In case you and your family want to dress up as the same character for next cosplay convention, birthday, comic-con, or any other event, you might consider using the different All Might costumes.

12. Ochako Uraraka Cosplay Costumes:

If you’ve been thinking about cosplay girls idea, and what costume to wear for your next comic-con, birthday, etc. This is the suite for you.

For one of the female cosplayers, there is the uraraka schoolgirl costume. It is a typical anime school costume. If you want to be a sexy cosplay girl, this is the outfit for you.


  • The outfit can be complete with black socks.
  • It easily becomes a sexy costume for girls.

If your next opportunity to dress like an anime lover is a cosplay woman, you can think about this outfit as an option for you, or you can wear it anywhere you want.

13. Nana Shimura Cosplay Costume:

The Nana Shimura from my hero academia is a quite attractive character and the combination of her colors makes her a real cosplay star.

This is the costume of one of the popular anime girls costumes, allowing the girls to look spectacular. The cape, gloves, and apron, combined with the blacktop and pants, make this great character shine.


  • All materials are of excellent quality and comfortable to wear.
  • The trousers and tops are adjustable and durable.

For those who want to be great heroes, they have to check this outfit for their next cosplay, it is quite complete and for a quite accessible price.

14. Himiko Toga Cosplay Dress:

Another simple but elegant outfit for women cosplay is Himiko Toga, another schoolgirl costume with a more personalized style.

Himiko Toga cosplay is one of the perfect costumes for girls, it comes with a cardigan, skirt, socks, and tie. It can have a large tooth necklace to complement the character.


  • Ideal for a sexy girl .
  • American sizes.
  • With a yellow wig, you are sure to look just like Himiko.

If you love schoolgirl costumes, order this one and add it to your collection. Despite including the socks, if you order a slightly tight size, you could turn it into a sexy cosplay suit.

15. Momo YAOYOROZU Uniform Costume:

One of the few costumes that both men and women can wear is this Momo Yaoyorozu. A unisex suite that will make anyone look good.

This suit looks like a gymnastics uniform, with a blue shirt and trousers with white stripes. And this one can be worn by women and men in any party or event.


  • Comfortable and light fabric.
  • Made for men and women.
  • The jacket’s zipper allows for a better neck fit.

If you don’t know what to give a friend, but you know he is an anime lover, then you can think of this suit as a gift option.

If you already have the costume that you will use in the next cosplay or any other event, and you need to give it another detail, you can consider buying Momo Yaoyorozu accessories that fit the character you chose, or at least that matches the colors of the outfit.


Now that you’ve seen the My Hero Academy cosplay costumes, it’s time to choose the ones you like the most and buy them to show them at the next Comic-con, or at another convention.