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Bill Lumbergh Costume Guide

DIY Bill Lumbergh Office Space Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
Learn how to dress like Bill Lumbergh for cosplay and Halloween

In the cult classic film Office Space, Bill Lumbergh is a division vice president of Initech in Texas, and the perfect satire of modern corporate white-collar management.

With his bizarre taste in clothing, his beloved Porsche car and his passive way of speaking, Bill Lumbergh has not only become a huge staple of workplace humor since his first appearance, but he’s also appeared in countless internet memes and office products.

Portrayed by Gary Cole, who also played SavMart manager Bill Owens in One Hour Photo, Lumbergh has become one of the most popular caricatures of the workplace. Just don’t steal his parking space, and you’ll get along great with this myopic micromanager!

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Lumbergh Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space


Lumbergh has basic wavy brown hair in a conventional corporate style, true to his character.

You can get this look by either styling your own hair with a comb and dying it, or by wearing a dark brown cosplay wig.


Lumbergh wears 1980’s styled aviator wire-rimmed glasses with huge lenses.

You can purchase similar glasses online from retail websites, or you can purchase a fake prop pair from a Halloween store or costume shop instead.


Few things are more unfashionable than Lumbergh’s weird taste in clothing. Wearing buttoned-down dress shirts in blue and pink pastel colors and baggy business pants in dark colors, his contrasting clothes often make him look more like a clown than a corporate manager.

You can purchase these clothing items online from retail websites and shopping malls. Tuck your shirt into the waistline of your pants for a more authentic look.


To finish off your Bill Lumbergh costume, you’ll need some of his accessories.

To start, purchase a gaudy yellow necktie with a bold pattern on it, similar to the one Lumbergh wears, along with a pair of bright red suspenders.

You’ll also need his gold tie clip, his school ring and his wristwatch. For the school ring, look for costume jewelry online or search accessories websites for large rings.

Get a black leather belt like Lumbergh’s from Amazon and search shoe stores and retail websites to find a pair of black or brown dress shoes just like his.

Initech Swag:

As a manager for Initech, Lumbergh often has various workplace items including an Initech coffee mug and his red Swingline stapler (which he stole from fellow character Milton Waddams).

You can purchase replica mugs and office staplers online from retail websites and custom product websites if you want these extra details to add to your costume.

Finally, purchase a prop replica Bill Lumbergh name-tag to clip to your suspenders s everybody will know who you’re cosplaying at your next convention or Halloween moment!