Peter Griffin Costume Guide

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Peter Cosplay Costume

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Peter Griffin Costume Guide

On the Family Guy, Peter Griffin is the overweight Rhode Island husband of Lois Griffin, a father of three children. He is the typical American guy fond of beer-drinking, TV-watching and hanging out with his friends.

Peter is rather dysfunctional, having trouble holding down a job, using crude and vulgar language casually, bullying his daughter on purpose and getting jealous in regards to Lois’s attraction to other men, but at his best, Peter does genuinely care about his family… sometimes.

If you’re looking for the perfect character to show off your love for adult humor cartoons, a Peter Griffin costume is a great way to go.

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Costume Ideas

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Peter Cosplay Costume

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Peter Pan: The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up Peter Pan Orange Cosplay Wig

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Peter Pan: The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up Peter Pan Orange Cosplay Shoes

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How to Dress Like Peter Griffin from Family Guy


Peter has short chestnut-brown hair with short sideburns and a small comb-over towards one side of his head.

This is an easy look to recreate; you can comb back your own natural hair and dye it brown, or you can wear a brown cosplay wig.


Peter has a very pudgy face with a prominently unattractive chin cleft, as well as a thin pair of round-framed glasses for his nearsightedness.

You can purchase glasses online from retail websites and party supply stores.

For the chin cleft, you can use a dark eyebrow pencil or Halloween face makeup to add the feature to your own face.

Or you can go with a Peter Griffin costume mask which replicates his cartoon look.


Peter dresses the part of an average suburban American father, complete with his white buttoned-down short-sleeved shirt and his olive green slacks. You can find these clothing items online from retail websites, shopping malls and thrift stores.

Tuck the shirt into the waistline of your pants the way Peter does, and fold the shirt collar down to look more like him.

Costume Padding:

Peter is quite overweight and is depicted with a muffin top. You can use foam padding to give your costume this extra detail for more authenticity.


To complete your Peter Griffin costume, you’ll need some of his accessories. Get a black leather belt with a round gold buckle like Peter’s, which you can find at retail websites and accessories shops.

Peter also wears wide-toed dark brown shoes on his feet, which you can get from any retail website or shoe store.

Finally, for an artifact from Peter’s residing town of Quahog, get yourself a prop replica can or bottle of beer from the Pawtucket Brewery on the Family Guy TV series to carry around with you to your upcoming Halloween party or cosplay event.

You can buy fake replica Pawtucket beer bottles and beer bottle label stickers online from retail websites and wholesale websites, or you can design your own replica label and print it out to glue or tape to an empty green-colored glass bottle.

Costume Ideas

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