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Captain Hook Costume Guide

Captain Hook DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to dress like Captain Hook for cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

In Disney’s classic film Peter Pan, Captain Hook is a frightening villain with a ravenous crew of pirates and one goal on his mind – to get rid of Peter and the Lost Boys once and for all.

To be fair to him, Peter Pan was the reason Hook lost his hand after allowing a crocodile to eat it as a prank.

With his distinctive outfit, sharp hooked hand and sinister grin, a high quality Captain Hook costume will surely set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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Authentic Captain Hook Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Captain Hook

Captain Hook has long wavy black hair down past his shoulders, evil slanted black eyebrows and a pointed mustache under his large nose. This is a fairly easy look to achieve with the right wig and makeup.

Purchase a voluminous black wig from a costume show and use a volume-maximizing hairbrush to get the same bushy-haired look as Hook. Pair it with a long, pointed fake mustache to complete the look – or if you are daring – grow your own!

With the right video makeup tutorials and a black eyebrow pencil, you can also master Hook’s conniving brows. See:

Captain Hook Makeup Tutorial

Captain Hook wears a white long-sleeved dress shirt with a frilled white collar under a red coat hemmed with gold, making him look like the ruthless king of the Seven Seas.

He compliments this fashionable pirate garb with a pair of red long johns which extend down to his knees, long white trouser socks and heavy black unlaced boots complete with gold buckles.

No Hook costume is complete without a pair of leather pirate boots! Be sure to find a pair that are comfortable yet still match the Captain Hook style.

What would a Captain Hook costume be without the hook? You can purchase a fake pirate hook to wear on your hand from most retail websites and costume shops. Look for a shiny silver one to really nail down the authentic look.

Finally, don’t forget Hook’s sword and hat! The hat is a large floppy red variety with a huge white feather plume on it.

For the sword, look for a long silver one with a gold or brass handle, and for one last touch, purchase a brown leather sheath to hold it in, just like Captain Hook’s.

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