Chuckie Finster Costume Guide

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Chuckie Finster Costume Guide

Chuckie Finster is the oldest baby in the Rugrats crew. Although he’s older, he’s the biggest scardicat of them all, always questioning the plan and wondering, “is this really a good idea?” But behind his crazy orange hair, thick purple glasses, and buck-toothed smile he is a loyal and courageous friend. 

Chuckie looks very strange…he is the target of a lot of Angelica’s bullying, but luckily he has his friends who have his back. He has crazy orange hair that pokes out in every direction and already has glasses at the age of two. He wears a little blue shirt with a planet on it and green shorts and red sneakers with yellow socks. 

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Orange Wig
  • Blue T-shirt with Planet on it
  • Green Bermuda Shorts
  • Yellow Socks
  • Red Sneakers
  • Purple Glasses
  • Fake Buck Teeth

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How to Dress Like Chuckie Finster from Rugrats


Chuckie’s hair is sort of out-of-this-world, so much so, that it might be easiest to by a wig for this one. There are specific Chuckie Finster wigs available online. Look for purple glasses to wear, but if want, you could construct the boxy, thick glasses he has by drawing a template on cereal-box cardboard, cutting it out and folding it, and then painting it purple. You can also get fake buck teeth, or if you can, just kind of bite your lip and keep your front teeth exposed to look more buck-toothed. 


Chuckie wears a specific blue t-shirt with a yellow planet printed on the front. You could easily purchase a simple blue T-shirt and either draw and color the planet and tape or hot glue it to the shirt, or go online and find a picture of Chuckie’s shirt and print it out and cut the planet out and do the same. 


Chuckie is a baby, so his proportions are a little different than yours probably are, but to get the effect of having longer shorts, you could find some emerald green Bermuda shorts. His shorts have little green squiggles on them. You could try applying some lime green tape and use that to add that little pop of color and pattern. 


Chuckie wears red sneakers (one of them is usually untied) with yellow socks.

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