Doc Antle Costume Guide

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Doc Antle Costume Guide

Bhagavan Antle (better known as Doc Antle) in the popular Netflix docu-series Tiger King is a licensed wildlife owner in charge of training animals for Hollywood movies and music shows such as his 2001 VMA Awards debut with Britney Spears.

This activist for the care and protection of animals owns a 30-hectare property in South Carolina known as Myrtle Beach Safari. Despite fighting for the preservation of several specimens, many charges have been filed against him for failing to comply with the Federal Animal Welfare Law.

Doc Antle leads an exaggerated life in which he drives with his big cats in his car and bathes at the pool with them and his wife without fear of what may happen.

Dressing like Bhagavan is very simple, the only difficult thing is to get a tame feline to match your costume. So I recommend dressing up one of your friends as a tiger to complete the costume and be the attraction of the night.

How does Doc Antle do it? See our complete costume guide below.

Bhagavan Antle Costume Ideas

Black Adam Doctor Fate

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Black Adam Doctor Fate

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How to Dress Like Doc Antle


Antle has very long and gray hair, so we recommend two options; the first option if you have short hair is to put on a wig and the hairstyle you are going to do is a ponytail at the neck level. On the other hand, if you have long hair, but not so similar to Doc’s, use long hair extensions placing it directly on the tail and unify the color of your hair with that of the spray extension that can be easily removed with water.


Doc Antle has different ways to cut his facial hair, so you can grow facial hair and cut it in the shape of a padlock and dye it white with a spray to simulate a gray beard like his or you can also let only facial hair grow under the lips as you usually use it.


It is very easy to complete the clothing for this costume with the following tips:


If you have a chemise in your wardrobe you can choose to wear it, you can also cut the sleeves of a flannel or old shirt to show yourself rough like the Doc Antle or use long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved plaid shirts or even colorful animal print.


Complete the outfit with khaki shorts or khaki cargo pants.


If you want to look more imposing, put on a vest or a leather or semi-leather jacket to give more life to the owner of the safari.


Use the belt with a large buckle to simulate the Doc Antle belts, so look in each closet of your friends or your father and I assure you that you will get one.


Footwear that can be used are safety shoes or, if you do not have one, opt for mustard, brown or black sports shoes.


Doc Antle uses cowboy hats or caps; so you can choose one of the options.


Use small silver-colored hoops as earrings on both ears, one hoop on each ear.

Now you are set, to command your own safari.

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