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Storm Shadow Costume Guide

Storm Shadow DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay & Halloween
Learn how to dress like Storm Shadow for cosplay and Halloween

Storm Shadow is the bad guy…wait, sometimes good guy… wait, let’s just say conflicted star-throwing, blade clanging ninja guy from the G.I. Joe stories. No one knows exactly why his ninja outfit is white but it sure stands out in a crowd and adds to the mystique of this classic character’s backstory.

As a ninja, stealth and secrecy are key and with a Storm Shadow costume everything is literally “undercover” except your eyes. On top of the white ninja outfit, Storm Shadow sports a white mask, slides on his silent, and white jika-tabi boots.

Storm Shadow is a multiple swords kind of guy and carries two on his back so he can easily slice and dice any opponent and keeps ninja stars at the ready for anyone who dares run away from a fight.

In our Storm Shadow costume guide we will teach you what items to put together to pull off the perfect cosplay.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • White Jika-Tabi Boots
  • Storm Shadow Ninja Mask
  • Storm Shadow Ninja Sword(s)
  • Ninja Stars

Storm Shadow Costume Ideas

Cartoon Version

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Movie Version

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How to Dress Like Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

White Ninja Costume & Shoes:

Storm Shadow’s outfit can be purchased online and usually comes with the full white suit that covers the legs, body, arms, and head. It also usually comes with swords in the pack. If you are on a more strict budget and willing to get creative, you might look into a local thrift store and find some white leggings or pants, a white turtleneck, a white jacket, and maybe a white t-shirt to use for the head covering. Jika Tabi boots are very specific and also available online; however, in a pinch, long white socks could work if you’re not planning on walking outside.


Storm Shadow’s mask comes in a variety of styles and can be found and purchased online or, if you’re really crafty, it could be created using paper mache and paint.


If you purchase the full body StormShadow costume, it may also come with swords, but they are also available for purchase online. Costume or party shops may also carry generic plastic swords. Ninja stars can be purchased online or you could look into folding your own origami ninja stars using a pattern online or you could print out pictures of ninja stars, cut them out, glue them to cardboard, and fling them around to show everyone your ninja skills.