Carole Baskin Costume Guide

carol baskin costume

Carol Baskin Costume

Carole Baskin Costume Guide

Carole Baskin runs the Big Cat Rescue association in Florida as an activist who fights for animal rights and seeks to protect them on her property in the new controversial Netflix documentary known as the Tiger King. She is also the arch nemesis of the colorful zoo manager Joe Exotic for her

Dressing up as Carole Baskin is very simple, you can use clothes from your wardrobe to complete her wardrobe. Just be on the look out for a lurking hitman Joe Exotic might have hired to axe you…

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Carole Baskin Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Carole Baskin from Tiger King


Carole has long, straight and tousled blonde hair. So if you already have blonde hair just tousle with a brush to simulate Carole’s hair. Another option is to acquire a wig and you apply the same step of ruffling the hair to look like this character.


If you want you can put on blue contact lenses or simply use black sunglasses as Carole usually wears them.


Cover your eyebrows with a glue stick and apply makeup base of your skin tone and paint very thin eyebrows, because it seems that this character has no eyebrows.


Don’t make an effort to make a great makeup because you don’t deserve it in this case. Just apply a light or pink lipstick to your lips and black eyeliner to the bottom tear of your eyes as Carole commonly does.


It is very easy to dress like Carole; here we give you some simple options.


Carole uses printed garments with animal print, therefore you can use a loose animal print blouse, loose colored blouse, or also plain colored shirts with simple designs on the front.


You can use a blue Jean of any model, avoiding that the pants are torn. You can also use black or animal print leggings that are long or knee-length as this character does.


Footwear is very simple since you can use sandals with an animal print or simply closed shoes with an animal print or single-colored with colorful socks.


Carole uses flower crowns, so you can use flower crowns from your childhood costumes. As well as handmade necklaces and earrings, if you do not have a large handmade necklace you can use a black shocker as she usually uses it and a digital watch in your left hand.

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