Pearl Costume Guide

Steven Universe Past Pearl Cosplay Costume

Pearl Costume Guide

In Steven Universe, Pearl is an a magical gemstone with a holographic humanoid body who resides on Earth. She can be incredibly bossy and standoffish, but she doggedly devoted to her friends. She was very close friends with Rose Quartz, Steven Universe’s mother. Since her disappearance, she has a strained relationship with Steven and Greg Universe – who she blames for “getting in the way” of her friendship with Rose. But she still loves Steven and his father and will do anything to protect them when their lives are in peril.

Read the guide below to make your own DIY Pearl costume for cosplay or halloween.

Pearl Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Pearl from ‘Steven Universe’


Pearl has a very unique hairstyle – a short, angular haircut that is bubblegum pink. Her hair is pointed upward and appears frozen, as if held in place with a very strong gel. To replicate Pearl’s hairstyle you can either use temporary pink hair dye or wear a pink wig. Use hairspray to get the pointed look, or use hair gel depending on your preferences. For an extra touch, see if you can find the hairspray that has glitter in it to give your style the same sparkling gemstone look that Pearl is known for!

View this Pearl wig tutorial to learn how to replicate her hairstyle:


Pearl has an enormous pink gemstone in the center of her forehead – a pearl just like her name implies. There are many different ways you can do this. For instance, you can draw a pearl on your head with metallic Halloween face paint, or you can use flat plastic gem made for arts and crafts.

Skin Tone:

Pearl’s complexion is very pale. You can use makeup foundation to get the right complexion or skip this detail if you’re in a hurry.


Pearl wears a pastel turquoise sleeveless shirt with a yellow star on the front, and pink leggings with a see-through pink skirt overtop. You can either buy similar clothes or design your very own! You can use fabric paint to put a gold star on your shirt if you can’t find the item you’re looking for.


Pearl wears pink knee-high shoes, and she also carries a large scythe made of jagged crystal. You can make your own scythe out of stiff clear plastic or any other clear household material. Get your friends to dress up as the rest of the Steven Universe gang, too! You’ll be out of this world at any costume party or convention.

About Pearl


Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.

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