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DC Comics Green Arrow League of Assassins Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn Leather Cosplay Costume

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Dr. Ian Malcolm Costume Guides

First appearing in Jurassic Park and making continued appearances up until Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Dr. Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum) is a brilliant, somewhat geeky and wise mathematician who predominantly studies chaos theory.

Since first meeting Alan Grant, Donald Gennaro and Ellie Sattler on his first trip to Jurassic Park, Ian has been along for the incredible thrill-ride of subsequent films and most recently, as an elderly man, he warns of the threats that will arise if science goes too far with nature.

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Costume Ideas

DC Comics Green Arrow League of Assassins Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn Leather Cosplay Costume

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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Ian Stural Cosplay Costume

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Onward Ian Lightfoot Blue Cosplay Wig

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How to Dress Like Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park


In his original 1980’s appearance, Ian had wild and unruly dark brown hair in curls on his head.

You can dye and style your own hair for a similar look, or you can use a dark brown costume wig.

If you’d rather play Ian as an elderly man in his latest film appearance, you’ll need a short white-haired wig and a white facial beard, which you can buy online, as well.


Ian wears hipster-style glasses on his face with rectangular black plastic frames.

He also has a tanned complexion. You can either tan yourself naturally or use a spray-tan for a more temporary way to recreate this feature for your costume.


Ian is usually portrayed wearing professional-looking dark suits, black leather jackets and oversized buttoned-down dark shirts.

You can purchase these clothing items online from retail websites or at shopping malls.

Add a pair of black jeans or dress pants as well to complete the outfit ensemble.


Ian’s accessories mostly consist of basic items. This includes his silver wristwatch, his plain black belt, his black dress shoes and his turquoise jewellery.

For the belt, you can use any plain black belt with no pattern or design on it. Search retail websites and accessories shops for this item.

Ian wears two pieces of turquoise jewelry often – his necklace with a turquoise stone pendant on it, and his thick silver ring with a matching round stone in it. You can use either fake or real turquoise.

For one last additional touch, purchase a stuffed dinosaur plush to carry with you at your next convention or costume party. You can purchase stuffed toy dinosaurs online from retail websites and toy stores so you can set the Jurassic mood wherever you go.

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