Owen Grady Costume Guide

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Jurassic Worls Owen Grady Costume

Owen Grady Costume Guide

In Jurassic World, Owen Grady is an expert on velociraptor behavior, a skilled researcher and a good friend to Claire Dearing, the park operations manager. Of course, things run amok when dangerous dinosaurs get involved, and soon Owen and Claire find themselves running for their lives, putting their resources to the ultimate test!

If you’re looking for cosplay to really stand out at your next cosplay convention or Halloween party, an Owen Grady costume is a great option, especially if you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Owen Grady costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Owen Grady in Action

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How to Dress Like Owen Grady from ‘Jurassic World’


Owen has sandy brown hair and a rugged stubbly beard which makes sense considering he is too busy running away from dinosaurs to shave. To get this look yourself, you can dye and style your own hair or wear a wig. If you can’t grow a similar 5 o’clock shadow, use a brown washable marker or eyebrow pencil to draw stubble onto your face.


Owen wears a slate-gray buttoned-down shirt with sleeves going down to his elbows. He also wears a dark brown leather vest with lots of pockets over this, and to top it all off, a pair of brown khakis held up with a leather belt. For the shirt, pants and belt, you can purchase these items online from a retail website.

For the vest, search for one in the style that an explorer or camper would wear. You can check out sports stores, camping supply shops, army surplus stores or online retail websites for a good match. All those extra pockets will come to good use for collecting trick-or-treat goodies or convention merchandise in!

Owen also wears a simple black wristwatch on one hand, and carries a white gun which he uses in his field work. It can definitely come in handy when you work with giant prehistoric lizards!

For the wristwatch, shop around for one in a similar style. As for the gun, you can purchase a replica prop gun from a Halloween store or costume website, or create your very own and put your artistic skills to the task using anything from craft foam to recycled plastic. Remember to check your convention or party’s rules beforehand about bring weapon-related items with you.

Last but not least, you’ll need a pair of brown hiking boots like Owen’s. You can get these from any shoe store or online retail website.

Get a friend to dress up as Claire Dearing so you can both go and explore the neighborhood or convention floor together! Don’t forget to look out for dinosaurs!

About Owen Grady


Raptors have a new alpha.

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