Duke Caboom Costume Guide

Heathers: The Musical Duke Cosplay Costume

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Duke Caboom Costume Guide

If you love Disney Pixar’s Toy Story films, now’s your chance to show it with a costume of Duke Caboom, one of the coolest new characters in Toy Story 4!

With his distinctive moustache, suave brown hair and his red-and-white Canadian-themed stuntman suit, this costume guide will tell you all the info on how to be this dashing daredevil toy for your next cosplay convention.

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Duke Caboom Costume Ideas

Heathers: The Musical Duke Cosplay Costume

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Requiem of the Rose King Duke of York Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4


Duke has brown plastic hair on his head in a wavy style, along with a matching handlebar moustache hanging down to his chin. You can use a brown cosplay wig and fake stick-on costume moustache to add these features to your own costume.

Search retail websites, costume shops and Halloween stores for these things. To give your hair Duke’s lacquered plastic look, use a nylon wig and add hairspray to keep every strand in-place.


Duke has very distinct bright blue eyes. You can use colored contact lenses for this extra detail, which are available at most Halloween stores.


Duke is a distinctly Canadian toy. Not only did Pixar choose Canadian actor Keanu Reeves to voice him in Toy Story 4, but Duke’s stuntman suit also features red-and-white colors and a Canadian Flag cape to match! The suit consists of a white long-sleeved jacket with red accents on the sleeves and matching white pants with vertical red stripes down the legs.

His cape is red and white as well, and features the Canadian maple leaf. You can purchase these clothing supplies online from retail websites and at shopping malls.

For the cape, you can use a full-sized Canadian flag and attach it with string, or you can search for a pre-made Duke Caboom costume cape for a more genuine and authentic look.


Finish off your costume with Duke’s helmet, his boots, his red scarf, and his white belt and gloves. Duke’s helmet and boots are red and white to match his suit. The helmet is plastic and features a transparent red visor over the character’s eyes.

The boots are white with a red stripe. You can find helmets online at retail websites and sports stores. For the boots, check what’s available at retail websites and shoe stores.

Check retail websites, accessories websites and shopping malls for the belt, scarf and gloves. These are also made of plastic, so search for items made of a nylon or rubber material to match Duke Caboom’s toy appearance.

About Duke Caboom

In Toy Story 4, Duke Caboom is a 1970’s Canadian stuntman toy with posable limbs and an accompanying plastic motorcycle.

Unfortunately for poor Duke, as a toy he feels like a failure because he’s unable to master the stunts he’s supposed to be able to perform as advertised in his own commercials.

In spite of this, Duke is able to regain his courage during his adventures befriending Sheriff Woody, Bo Peep and the gang, something which encourages him to take a new path in life.

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