Sheriff Woody Costume Guide

League of Legends LOL Sheriff Caitlyn Updated Cosplay Costume

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Sheriff Woody Costume Guide

Get ready to “reach for the sky!” and bring a bit of animated film fun into the cosplay world with a costume emulating one of Disney Pixar’s most popular and lovable characters – Sheriff Woody of the Toy Story film series.

With his old-fashioned cowboy uniform, his tall hat and his gold badge, this costume guide will give you all the info you need on how to bring the magic of this memorable character to life at your next convention or Halloween party.

In the four Toy Story films, Sheriff Woody first debuted in the 1990’s as a classic cowboy doll who was envious of the flashy and modern Buzz Lightyear. Since then, he and Buzz have become good friends and taken off on many adventures.

In the latest Toy Story film released in 2019, Woody reunites with his lost love interest, the beautiful Bo Peep and her clan of sheep, after they meet by chance in a trailer park campground and realize how different they’ve both become since then.

Woody is a hilarious and wonderful character, and if you’re a die-hard Disney Pixar fan, this is definitely the costume to show it to everyone!

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League of Legends LOL Sheriff Caitlyn Updated Cosplay Costume

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League of Legends Caitlyn The Sheriff Of Piltover Cosplay Costume

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League of Legends Officer Caitlyn The Sheriff of Piltover Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Woody from Toy Story


Sheriff Woody is a cowboy doll, and he has a plastic human-like face with large brown eyes, wavy brown hair made of glossy plastic and a wide smile with his teeth showing.

You can use a Sheriff Woody mask to get the plastic look down for your costume, and for the hair, search for a dark brown cosplay wig.


Sheriff Woody wears a corn-yellow long-sleeved plaid shirt tucked into western blue jeans. Over this, he wears a black-and-white sleeveless vest made of sewn cattle hide.


Complete your Sheriff Woody costume with a few of his most memorable accessories, including his red bandanna-style neck scarf, his tall, wide-brimmed brown leather cowboy hat, his spurred brown cowboy boots, his brown leather belt with its gold oval buckle, his gun holster and his gold star badge.

These accessories are simple to find. Search retail websites and clothing shops for the neck scarf and belt, and tie the scarf in the same fashion as Sheriff Woody’s.

For an extra detail search for a badge which has the word “Sheriff” on it – Woody is the law ’round these parts!

You can use real spurs, or if you want to get Woody’s plastic toy look recreated, you can use clip-on plastic spurs instead.

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