Elektra Ovirowa Costume Guide

Marvel Comics Elektra Natchios Cosplay Costume

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Elektra Ovirowa Costume Guide

Elektra Ovirowa of Cowboy Bebop is a former soldier in the Mars Army and a Titan War veteran. She’s an independent woman and a total badass. 

She’s got a classic look—all black with a cropped red leather jacket. 

Check out where to find all the pieces to become Elektra from Cowboy Bebop with our DIY tutorial. 

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Elektra Ovirowa Costume Ideas

Marvel Comics Elektra Natchios Cosplay Costume

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Marvel Future Fight Elektra Natchios Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Elektra Film 2005 Elektra Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Elektra from ‘Cowboy Bebop’


Elektra’s rocking a short, dark auburn, layered bob. It’s flipped up in the back and she keeps the front few layers straight and in her eyes. If you can style your hair this way, that’s great, otherwise you can find a wig in costume shops or online to fit the bill. Search for a longer pixie cut if you’re going the wig route. That’ll be easier to style. 

Outfit and Accessories: 

You’ll be able to find all of Elektra’s pieces on sites like Amazon or in a thrift store. 

Lay the foundation with the blackest of black skinny jeans and tank top. If you don’t have jeans, you could also wear a pair of black leggings. The benefit of jeans is that there are belt loops, which you’ll need for her black belt with a silver or gun metal grey buckle. 


Elektra pops the collar on her cropped red leather jacket, so if you can find a leather jacket that has a collar, you’ll really nail the look. 

She also wears a plain black choker—you can either shop for one of these wherever jewelry is sold, or just use a 3/4”-wide piece of black satin ribbon. 

On her feet, she dons a pair of mid-rise grey boots. If you find a black pair at a second hand store you could paint them grey. 

And don’t forget a fake pistol—she never leaves the house without her gun.

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