Flo The Progressive Girl Costume Guide

Girls' Frontline Florence Cosplay Costume

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Flo The Progressive Girl Costume Guide

Flo, the Progressive girl, is always chipper, excited, and ready to save you money! Progressive insurance is always on her mind, and no matter what situation she is put in, she saves the day by covering home and auto accidents or preventing the accidents all-together. She is the top dog at Progressive, and she teaches all of her co-workers how to be fluent in insurance. She is funny, outgoing, and always ready to go the extra mile.

Flo’s Style

Flo has brown hair in a bee- hive with a thick blue headband. She wears a white collared shirt, white pants, a white apron with the word Progressive in blue across the front, a white button that says “I <3 Insurance” on the left side of her chest, and a name tag on the right side of her chest that has an orange and blue bar at the top, and her name “FLO” across it. Because she is also hip and cool, she wears blue and white chucks, and carries the laser- gun- like Name-Your-Price Tool. Now, how many of you use car insurance?

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costume:

  • Brown beehive hair with blue headband
  • Red lips and black winged eyeliner
  • White collared shirt and white pants 
  • White Progressive apron
  • Button and name tag
  • Chucks and Name-Your-Price tool

Costume Ideas

Girls' Frontline Florence Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Flo from the Progressive commercials:


Flo wears her brown hair in a beehive with a thick blue headband. To accomplish this:

  • ‘Do: If you already have clavicle- length brown hair:
    • take a section all the way across the front of your hair and comb it forward. 
    • Tease/ backcomb the roots at the crown of your head a ton with a teasing comb, which you can get online, at any drugstore, beauty supply store, or grocery store. Give the crown of your head some serious VOLUME! 
    • Spray hairspray all over that teased area, which you can get online, at any drugstore, beauty supply store, or grocery store. 
    • Place the combed front section over the teased area.
    • Put on your blue headband, which you can get online, at any drug store, grocery store, or beauty supply store. 
    • Curl ends of hair upward with a curling iron, which you can get online, at any drugstore, or any beauty supply store, and spray with hairspray. 

WOW!! I know… I say it louder. 

2) Dye:  If you don’t have brown hair, you can dye your hair brown and follow step 1. 

3) Wig:  If you would rather not go through all that trouble, a wig can be procured online or at a costume shop.

Wow! It’s like a party in here! Where are the hors d’oeuvres, right?!


1) Eyes: Flo wears a natural eye with a very large black winged eyeliner. To achieve this:

a. primer: use any eye primer, which you can get online or at a drugstore. 

b. crease: use a fluffy domed eye crease brush (online or drugstore) to put a matte taupe eyeshadow (online or drugstore) in your crease with windshield- wiper motions. 

c. eyelid: put a matte skin- colored eyeshadow (online or drugstore) on your lid and under your brow bone with a flat eyeshadow brush (online or drugstore). 

d. liner: take a black liquid eyeliner (online or drugstore) and line your top lash line thickly. Then draw a line following your bottom lash line arch up to your eye socket bone and connect it in a triangle back down to the center of your eye liner and fill in the triangle. Do these steps to both eyes, and make sure the liner matches. 

2) Eyebrows: Flo has very precise and strong brown eyebrows, so use a brown eyebrow pomade (online or drugstore) and just use the regular shape of your brows to guide you. Fill in the brow completely and comb through with a spooly (online or drugstore).

3) Rest of face: Just do the rest of your face makeup how you normally would.

4) Lips: Flo is also known for her bright red lipstick. This and her hair-do give her the retro edge that she is known for. Use a matte bright red liquid lipstick (online or drugstore). I suggest a liquid lip because red is a color that, if smudged, can make you look like a hot mess very quickly. Because Flo is always well-put-together the liquid lipstick will stay and not budge or smudge. Bonus, this way you don’t have to fuss with it. 

Now you’re ready to use the home quote explorer!

Shirt and Pants:

Since Flo is always in uniform, she wears a white collared shirt and white pants, both of which you can pick up online, at any major retailer, or at a thrift store. It’s as easy as saving money online with the Name-Your-Price Tool!


Flo’s Progressive uniform also includes a white apron with the word Progressive across the chest in blue. You can find a white apron online or at a craft store, and then you can use blue fabric paint and letter stencils, both also procured online or at a craft store, to write the word Progressive across the chest of the apron.

This apron allows you to watch and protect every home insured by Progressive 24/7. I told you I was just checking the wiring in your closet tonight, Kyle!

Button and Name Tag:

Because Flo is just SO into her job, she has a white button on the right side of her chest that says “I <3 Insurance”. You can find this button online or at a costume shop. You will also, of course, need Flo’s name tag which is white with an orange and blue line at the top and her name in caps across the name tag.

Now you are so legit they will want you to sign Karen’s birthday card. It’s a high honor!

Shoes and Name-Your-Price Tool:

To complete the look, you must wear blue and white chucks, which you can find online or at any major shoe retailer. Of course, you must also carry a toy white, orange, and blue futuristic laser- gun or nerf gun to signify the famous and sought- after Name-Your-Price Tool.

You can get this online, or at any toy store. You picked it as your only desert island item because it saves you money on car insurance, so why wouldn’t it save you?

Now, what are we going to do…?! Insurance… That’s kind of what we do here.

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