St. Pauli’s Girl Costume Guide

st. pauli girl halloween costume

st. pauli girl halloween costume

The St. Pauli Girl (not St. Pauly as many often assume!) is the cheerful smiling face gracing the bottles and cans of Germany’s world-famous St. Pauli Girl beers. With her friendly grin, beautiful looks and colorful traditional German dress, this drink mascot has been a symbol of the St. Pauli Brauerei for years and changes with each decade to reflect the trends of the times. Represented often by various models as well as being airbrushed as a drawn picture, this is one lady who stays timeless wherever she is!

If you’re looking for a tribute costume to this class corporate icon, now’s your chance to create one of your own!

Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like the St. Pauli Girl


The St. Pauli Girl is famous the world over for her bouncing long blonde hair. Sometimes done up in braids but usually just tumbling down, it’s a really simple style to recreate. If you don’t already have blonde locks, you can either dye it or purchase a long blonde wig. Use a good styling hairbrush to get the right consistency.

If you’re looking to do braids or pigtails, purchase a case of black hair elastics. Check out video tutorials on braids if you aren’t sure how to do the braided style, and use a bit of hairspray to hold the look together. You can buy black elastics from most hair salons, retail websites and shopping malls.


The St. Pauli Girl is usually depicted wearing simple rose lipstick, blush, mascara and brown eye shadow. Use a makeup palette or Halloween face makeup to get a similar look. Don’t forget to practice her trademark St. Pauli smile!

Oktoberfest Dress:

The brightly-colored dress worn by this smiling mascot is what makes her truly stand out. With a white long-sleeved blouse, black corset, blue old-fashioned apron and red skirt, it’s a basic but classic look that always catches the eye of anyone in the room.

Known as a dirndl, this traditional Alps style dress is one you can either purchase from a retail website or costume shop, or you can use fabric to sew your own. The look of the St. Pauli Girl changes over time, so you can tailor the dress to whichever of her looks you love the best!


Being a beer mascot, the St. Pauly Girl always has a bottle, or sometimes a tray of bottles, in her hand ready to be served. You can use empty bottles if you want something lighter to carry around with you.

She also wears tall black laced boots and sometimes white flat shoes. You can buy similar shoes in any footwear store or on most retail websites.

As an extra addition to your costume, get your friends to dress up as other drink mascots like the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man” and go to your next party or convention together!

Costume Ideas

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