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Kyoka Jiro Costume Guides

DIY Kyoka Jiro Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
Learn how to dress like Kyoka Jiro for cosplay and Halloween

On the anime series My Hero Academia, Kyoka Jiro is a student at U.A. High School who hopes to become a pro hero. Also known by the alias Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack, Kyoka’s Quirk allows her to plug earphone jacks from her ears into objects and affect them with sound.

Musically gifted as well, Kyoka is often snarky and sarcastic but she loves having fun with her friends and helping them with whatever they are doing.

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Kyoka Jiro Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia


Kyoka has short, choppy chin-length hair in a dark indigo shade with straight bangs over her forehead and angular bangs framing her face.

To get this look for your own costume, you can use hair dye and cut your natural hair, or you can wear an indigo cosplay wig.

We’ve selected a wig and use scissors to style it into the right look if need be.


Kyoka has a fair-skinned complexion, long lower eyelashes, dark eyes and a thin mouth.

As part of her hero costume, Kyoka has small red triangular paint marks under her eyes.

You can add these with a red lip liner pencil, a washable marker or Halloween face makeup.

Earphone Jacks:

Kyoka’s most distinctive feature are the white earphone jacks which hang down from her earlobes. She can control them at will and use them for various purposes as part of her Quirk.

You can purchase plain white earphones like the one provided in this guide or you can look around to see if any pre-made Kyoka costume earrings are available.


When in her school uniform, Kyoka wears a gray blazer with gold buttons and turquoise accent stripes. She also wears a turquoise pleated skirt, a white buttoned-down dress shirt and knee-high black school uniform socks.

When in her hero costume, Kyoka wears a ripped salmon-colored shirt under a black leather jacket, black pants and white fingerless gloves. You can find these accessories from retail websites, as well.


When in her school uniform, Kyoka wears a knotted red necktie and plain brown loafers on her feet.

When in her hero costume, Kyoka wears a black choker necklace and boots with stereo sets built into them.

For the boots, you may be able to find a custom-designed pair, or you can use a basic pair of black boots and customize them yourself using craft supplies and extra features.