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Stranger Things 4 Will Byers Cosplay Costume

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Joyce Byers (played by Wynona Ryder) is the haggard and struggling single mother of Will and Jonathan Byers on Stranger Things. She loves her family, but making ends meet in the 1980’s is hard since she works minimum wage. Devoted, headstrong and smart, Joyce is one tough lady. Although many people in her small town think she is mentally ill because she claims that her missing son is speaking to her through lights in her house, her friend, police officer Jim Hopper, is willing to help her find out the truth and believe in her.

A Joyce Byers costume is an excellent choice for any Stranger Things fan looking to dress up as a character who will be instantly recognizable.

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Items You Will Need to Complete the Costume

  • Short Messy Wig
  • Forest Green Jacket
  • Burgundy T-Shirt with White Stripes
  • Mom Jeans
  • Christmas Lights
  • Plastic Axe Prop

Costume Ideas

Stranger Things 4 Will Byers Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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Cosplay Examples


How to Dress Like Joyce Byers from Stranger Things


Joyce’s hair is a simple style. Sure, she might be an 80’s woman, but she can’t afford a big trendy hairstyle so her shaggy shoulder-length brown hairdo is a good choice for a resourceful person like her.

You can either dye and style your own hair or wear a brown wig to get a similar look. Search for a wig with bangs and wispy ends if possible, and use scissors to style it if need be.


Joyce wears simple brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara, and she wears a light pink lip gloss.


Joyce goes for really plain, affordable clothing. Often seen wearing a faded army-green coat over dark striped oversized t-shirts and high-waisted jeans, she dresses for practicality more than fashion.

One of her most popular shirts is dark red with thin white horizontal stripes, and she is often seen wearing it as a casual throw-on. Browse retail websites, shopping malls and thrift stores for similar-looking clothing, and remember to keep an eye out for faded fabrics while you shop!


Joyce wears simple faded sneakers most of the time. You can buy sneakers from any retail website or shoe shop. Scuff them up a bit by wearing them around for a few days to give them a similar worn-out aesthetic to Joyce’s shoes.

Communication With Will:

In Stranger Things, Joyce communicates with her missing son, Will Byers, through Christmas lights which she has strung up all through her Indiana suburban home.

To give your costume a noticeable reference, carry around a string of Christmas lights or a battery-powered Christmas light string so you’ll look like Joyce!

Jim Hopper:

Joyce Byers has one believer on her side who wants to help her, and that’s local police sheriff Jim Hopper. Hopper becomes a close friend of hers and teams up to help her and Jonathan Byers get Will back. Get a friend to dress up as Jim Hopper so you can go to your next cosplay convention or party together!


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