Chloe Price Costume Guide

Life is Strange Chloe Price Tattoo stickers Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Chloe Price Costume Guide

In the graphic game ‘Life Is Strange’, Chloe Price can at first seem a bit caustic and intimidating. A rebellious, mouthy punk rocker girl with bright blue hair, Chloe’s a risk-taker but still appreciates her friends. She might not be perfect (drinking booze and getting high are two of her favorite hobbies) but she’s fun-loving, outgoing and a really exciting person when she wants to be. Max Caulfield is one of her best buddies and she’s an Arcadia Bay resident through and through.

Read our guide below to learn how to dress like Chloe Price for cosplay or Halloween.

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Chloe Price Costume Ideas

Life is Strange Chloe Price Tattoo stickers Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Life is Strange Chloe Price Necklaces Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Life is Strange Chloe Price Blue Pink Cosplay Wig

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How to Dress Like Chloe Price from ‘Life is Strange’


The first thing people notice about Chloe is her bright pastel blue hair with purple roots, chopped back into a fashionable short style. This is a simple style to accomplish. You can bleach your hair and dye it light blue and purple if you’re a fan of it and want to to be more permanent, or if you’d rather keep your usual hairstyle, you can wear a blue wig instead. Put on a plastic cap and cut the wig to be in the style of Chloe’s hair.

To give it the iconic choppy grunge look, use hair spray to make it appear a little more spiked, and add purple coloring to the roots. You can also browse costume shop websites for blue wigs specifically with purple roots to look even more like Chloe.


Chloe’s really into the punk scene and wears ripped blue jeans, a white shirt with a skull on it and often wears a gray sweatshirt or black jacket to complete the look. You can shop for second-hand clothes online to get down the faded punk look. Cut holes in the knees of a pale blue pair of jeans and shop around for baggy sweaters or an oversized jacket.

Lots of online stores carry white t-shirts with skulls on them, or you can make one yourself using fabric paints and a plain shirt. Online costume shops may also sell skull t-shirts as part of a Halloween clothing line.

To complete the outfit, look for an indigo knitted hat. Chloe is often seen with it over her head. Online stores carry them, but remember to look for a basic plain one so your costume will look even more authentic.


Jewelry is definitely something that makes a Chloe Price costume stand out at cosplay conventions as authentic and realistic. She’s rarely seen without her necklace, a chain with three bullets on it. She also wears black boots, which are straightforward and can be found at most online costume shops.

Her black suspenders attached to her jeans accent her whole look, and many online retailers and party stores carry this item. Look for plain ones to get the right style.


Chloe has a large tattoo wrapping all the way up like a sleeve on one of her arms. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and get this done yourself to look like Chloe at your next convention!

You can purchase a printed tattoo fabric sleeve online that slides over your arm like a glove, or use washable markers to draw one on. Chloe’s tattoo consists of butterflies, flowers and a yellow skull.

Younger Chloe:

If you’d rather dress like a younger version of Chloe Price before her punk phase, just use a long straight strawberry blonde wig instead of a blue one. Younger Chloe Price also wears a gray sweatshirt with an Arcadia City lighthouse on it. You can buy a lighthouse sweatshirt online or create one yourself with fabric paint.

About Chloe Price


This shit-pit has taken everyone I’ve ever loved… I’d like to drop a bomb on Arcadia Bay and turn it to fucking glass…

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