Mega Man Costume Guide

Megaman Knowledge Base Bola Cosplay Costume

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Mega Man Costume Guide

Blast into your next convention or Halloween party with a Mega Man costume. Mega Man is robotic man named Rock whose goal is to achieve everlasting peace while fighting the forces of evil, especially the menacing Dr. Wily and his army of robots. Unlike Wily’s robots, Mega Man prefers benevolence and uses his abilities for good.

Mega Man is known for his iconic blue robotic suit and helmet with his signature blasters. It may require a bit of handiwork to craft together some foam armor pieces to get the authentic look, but there are more simple and inexpensive options for a DIY Mega Man costume.

Read below for a more detailed look at Mega Man’s classic outfit.

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Mega Man Costume Ideas

Megaman Knowledge Base Bola Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Mega Man


Mega Man battles against high-powered robotic men created by Dr. Wily, so he needs some good armor to protect himself from laser blasts. To protect his head, he wears an oversized blue helmet which fits over his ears so that only his eyes and lower face are visible.

The helmet itself is a darker cerulean blue with lighter blue square-shaped accents on the front and matching ear protectors on both sides.

There are a few ways to approach this for cosplay:

  • Purchase a pre-made Mega Man replica helmet
  • Craft your own helmet out of EVA foam
  • Modify a safety or motorcycle helmet to look like Mega Man’s helmet


Mega Man wears a light blue bodysuit with cerulean blue underwear over it that match the colors of his helmet.

You can purchase spandex bodysuits, shirts and leggings online from most retail websites and athletic shops.

For the underwear, you can purchase this from most clothing websites and retail malls or use a dark blue swimsuit or skirt if you’d rather. If it’s going to be cold at your event, you can wear a blue tank top or camisole under your bodysuit to stay warm.


Mega Man has very heavy cerulean blue metal boots on his feet, matching blue metal hand coverings and a weapon attached to his hand called the Mega Buster, which features the same shades of blue and packs a powerful punch.

You can use any blue rubber boots or work boots you’d like, available at most shoe shops and online retail websites, and for the hand coverings you can use blue gloves or Halloween robotic arm pieces. Use blue acrylic paint if you want to give them a more customized look!

When it comes to Mega Man’s weapon, you can purchase a prop replica weapon online or use craft supplies such as foam or plastic to make your own.

About Mega Man


But there is still good and evil, if Vile gets those lightanium rods, evil might just win.

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