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Ron Swanson Costume Guide

Ron Swanson Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Bring a bit of cynicism and deadpan humor to your next cosplay event with a DIY Ron Swanson costume!

Ron Swanson is the cynical, meat-loving, small-government praising polar opposite to Leslie Knope on the NBC comedy drama series Parks and Recreation.

This deadpan libertarian can often appear a bit cold and doesn’t even seem to think the parks department should exist, much to Leslie’s annoyance. In spite of this, Ron is actually a really nice guy underneath the opinionated demeanor, and he does have a strong sense of respect for Leslie and his other co-workers, making him one of the show’s most complex characters.

Learn how to dress up as Ron Swanson with our DIY costume guide.

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Ron Swanson Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec

Hair & Mustache:
A professional guy through and through, Ron has a very simple conservative haircut with a thick mustache that would make any man envious.

To recreate Ron’s iconic style, you can either dye your own hair brown and style it, or you can wear a brown wig or toupee. Search for these extra hairpieces from online costume websites and Halloween stores to see what’s available. While you’re at it, purchase a fake mustache to complete the look.

Facial Expression:
Ron often has a somewhat angry and frustrated expression on his face, like he’s just bitten into a very sour lemon. Practice your own angry face to mimic Ron Swanson!

Ron has a variety of outfits, but one of his favorites is a dark brown suit worn over a light beige dress shirt and black necktie patterned with navy blue paisleys. He also often wears colored flannel shirts in muted shades and beige dress pants.

Check out what’s available from retail websites and thrift stores and use photos of Ron for inspiration so you can match up the right clothing items to look just like him!

Over the course of Parks and Rec, Ron has had a number of accessories, often for comedic effect. He’s an avid hunter and enjoys a glass of whiskey and voicing his own opinions.

Depending on which episode he’s in though, he’s had everything from a ukulele in his hands to a large plate of bacon and eggs.

This is your chance to customize your costume with any Ron Swanson items you want! You can purchase many of the accessories he’s seen with online.

For example, you can buy fake plastic food and plates from most toy stores and retail websites, you can use craft supplies such as plastic, copper-colored paint and foam to make a replica of Ron’s awarded “2011 Burger Cook Off Champion” trophy and you can get the same fur-lined Russian style winter hat Ron wears from retail websites and accessories shops.

A paper coffee cup that Ron often uses to caffeinate himself in the office is also a fun prop option.

If you are looking for a costume with tons of props to choose from, this is definitely a great choice!