Pretty Woman Costume

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Pretty Woman Costume

Step into the Hollywood scene and wow the competition at your next cosplay convention with a DIY Vivian Ward costume from the 1990’s romantic comedy classic Pretty Woman!

Vivian has impressed audiences for years with her stunning looks, her bold and beautiful outfits, tall boots and blonde hair, and this costume guide will help you find everything you need to rebuild Vivian’s look for yourself.

About Pretty Woman

In Pretty Woman, corporate mogul Edward Lewis has dedicated much of his time and life to his financial escapades, coming across as a suave businessman and working with his lawyer and best friend, Philip Stuckey.

Unfortunately, Edward has never had a lot of time to form a real relationship with a woman. When he hires Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward (played by Julia Roberts) to fill the girlfriend role as his escort for a week, he discovers that not only is Vivian dreaming of a more glamorous permanent romance, but that he is also falling madly in love with her.

Vivian Ward Costume Ideas

Magical Girl Ore Magical Girl Eternal Dangerous Pretty Golden Cosplay Wig

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Magical Girl Ore Magical Girl Eternal Dangerous Pretty Cosplay Costume

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Pretty Lolita Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman


Vivian has two notable hairstyles in the film. One is the blonde bombshell look, which consists of bleached blonde hair in a stylish, straightened bob down to her chin with bangs over her forehead.

The other is her longer and more conservative curly brown hair, which she ties back in a bun when at Edward’s prestigious functions. You can go with either style depending on the look you are going for.

Dye and style your own hair to recreate Vivian’s look, or use a cosplay wig. You can find wigs online from costume shops and Halloween stores.


Vivian wears dark eye shadow with copper undertones in a distinct 1990’s style, along with bright cherry-red lipstick and black mascara. You can get these makeup supplies from retail websites and drugstores.


While Vivian wears a number of different outfits throughout the course of Pretty Woman, her most famous is her dress, which consists of a sleeveless white low-cut shirt and blue tie-dyed miniskirt connected by a silver metal ring at her waist.

She often wears a long bright red blazer with black trim and long sleeves along with the dress, either over her shoulders or tied around her waist. You can find these clothing supplies online, or you can search for a pre-made Vivian Ward costume dress to wear instead.


Add the finishing touches to your Vivian Ward costume with her shiny black vinyl knee-high boots, her black-and-silver bangle bracelet and her large charm necklace.

You can purchase vinyl boots online from retail websites, or you can check shoe stores and costume websites to see what you can find.

Edward Lewis:

Get a friend to dress up as businessman main character and Vivian’s lover from Pretty Woman, Edward Lewis, so you can complete Vivian’s dream fairy tale romance and hit the scene together at your next upcoming cosplay convention or Halloween party.

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