Sharon Tate Costume Guide

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Sharon Tate Costume Guide

Take a drive back to 1969 and get ready to celebrate the golden age of Hollywood with a Sharon Tate costume! With this DIY guide, you’ll have all the details you need to recreate the look and style of the late film star, from her retro outfits to her vibrant blonde hair.

With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood just released this year, this is a timely costume with a timeless vibe to it, perfect for any cosplayer or partygoer who wants to bring a nostalgic wave to their next party or convention.

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sharon Tate (portrayed by Margot Robbie) is the beautiful and attractive actress wife of director Roman Polanski. Modelled after the real Sharon Tate, who was tragically killed by the Charles Manson Family cult in 1969 California, this character is one of the most popular to hit the big screen this year in Quentin Tarantino’s new film about a washed-up TV actor and stunt double rediscovering the fading glamor of Hollywood.

Sharon Tate Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood


Sharon Tate has shoulder-length light blonde hair without bangs, straight with small waves at the bottom. You can dye your own hair or use a blonde cosplay wig to get this retro film star look down for your costume.

Look for wigs at costume shops and retail websites, and use a comb to style it to look just like Sharon’s unforgettable style.


One of the most defining features of Sharon Tate in real life was her dramatic and stunning eye makeup, which featured hooded black eyeliner, dark eye shadow and pale pink lipstick.

Margot Robbie was able to mimic this throughout Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, using makeup to reappear as the late film star. You can find these makeup supplies online from retail websites or drugstores.

Use a video tutorial for going Sharon Tate’s makeup if you need some extra inspiration for your costume.



Sharon Tate wears a number of outfits in the film, most memorably her black long-sleeved turtleneck sweater and her classic white miniskirt, which she also wears in promotional posters and trailers for the film. You can get these clothing items online from retail websites, or from shopping malls.

To mix things up a bit, you can also try one of her other outfits from the film, including her bleached denim shorts, her black shirt with the word “Hollywood” written all over it in white text, and her red, yellow, green and white horizontal striped t-shirt.


Sharon Tate wears knee-high white vinyl platform boots on her feet, definitely a blast from the past and a testament to the retro days of the psychedelic sixties. You can purchase platform boots from shoe stores and retail websites.

She also wears black sunglasses over her eyes in a big, bold retro style. You can get sunglasses from retail websites and accessories shops.


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