Professor Kukui Costume Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon Professor Kukui Cosplay Costume

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Professor Kukui Costume Guide

Unmask The Masked Royal and show off your attacks at the next cosplay convention or Pokemon party as Professor Kukui! 

Professor Kukui is a skilled mentor and player who also sneaks into the Battle Royal Dome as The Masked Royal. He’s been known to take direct hits from Pokemon in order to learn better the effects of their attacks. He’s a warm and helpful man who will greet players as “cousin.” 

Professor Kukui Costume Ideas

Pokemon Sun and Moon Professor Kukui Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Professor Kukui from Pokemon


Kukui has black hair that he keeps pulled back in a low bun. He also has long, black sideburns, and a goatee. You can easily find a wig and false facial hair at a halloween store or at an online retailer like Amazon—or style your own mop yourself! 


Hailing from Alola, Kukui has a laid-back island style to go with his laid-back (yet quirky) island attitude. 

Show off your muscles and go shirtless, but add an unbuttoned lab coat with rolled-up sleeves on top. He’s always rocking a pair of 3/4-length grey sweatpants with a green yoga band. He’s the ultimate mashup of form, function, and style. Both of these things should easily be found 


Professor Kukui is known for his hat—a white, baseball cap with a rainbow on the front. We recommend buying a white cap at a craft store and painting the rainbow on the front yourself. You could also buy a white cap and an iron-on rainbow patch. 

His shoes are green slip-ons. These are another item that would be easy for you to create yourself. One option is to buy white slip-ons and either use lime green spray paint or lime green duct tape to recreate the look. You can also visit your local mall or shop online to search for the shoes. 

The final touch is a grey wedding band on his left ring finger. Kukui is married to Professor Burnet. So grab a girlfriend and couples-costume it up! 

Don’t forget to pack some extra pokeballs! 

Costume Ideas

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