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Short Round Costume Guide

Short Round Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay and Halloween

In Indiana Jones, Short Round is an orphan who survived the bombing of Shanghai in 1932. He found refuge in a Christian mission where he learned English and math. To survive as an orphan, Short Round resorted to becoming a pickpocket on the streets where he eventually encountered Dr. Jones.

The Short Round Look

Short Round has short black hair, which is usually not combed and has a wet look. He is quite short (which explains his nickname) and tends to move very fast.

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Short Round Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Short Round

Making a costume inspired by Short Round is fairly simple, but there are some details you need to get right in order to really portray the character accurately. It is important to remember that Short Round is an orphan which informs his style. He has a simple look and wears colors that are dull giving him a very dusty look.

Short Round always wears a cap, a white vest, and checked pattern jersey and some dark grey pants- and he carries a whip everywhere he goes.


To create this costume, you will need dark grey or black loose fitting pants. Ensure that the pants are plain and simple, without any patterns or other detail. You will also need a white vest, similar to the ones that people usually wear as an under garment. For the shoes, you need an old pair of white sneakers, preferably ones that are dirty and have not been worn in a while.

Baseball Cap:

You will need to pick up a classic pinstripe NY Yankees cap. Preferably one that is white and navy in color. Also get a check pattern jacket that is grey in color, and has buttons.


To complete the Short Round costume, make sure to pick up a few accessories like a whip and maybe some items that appear that you might have pickpocketed, like a wallet or watch.

About Short Round


You listen to me, you live longer.

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Short Round in Action